Light Appeared in Straw Tunnels with 7 Kilometers

Light appeared in 7 Kilometer Samanlı Tunnel: Light sight ceremony was held in Iznik - Orhangazi section of Samanlı Tunnel between Istanbul and Bursa.
In the Iznik-Orhangazi section of the Samanlı Tunnel between Istanbul and Bursa, Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfü Elvan and the ceremony were held.
Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfü Elvan attended the ceremony to see the light in Iznik - Orhangazi Samanlı Tunnel. Arınç, who visited the tunnel with the Minister Elvan, received information about the tunnel from the authorities.
Arinc, said:, We are very happy, really a dream, we see the dream come true. We just saw the light passing through the tunnel, we went to Yalova side. Now we're in the tunnel. God bless you. Perhaps one of the biggest projects of the last century, to be issued in 14-15 billion quadrillion TL, Turkey has come together to create the most powerful consortium of contractors, and applaud the work they put together the median working day and night. "
Reminding that these tunnels 3 thousand 500 meters were built in 2 years, Arinc said: d But remember that the Bolu Mountain Tunnel was shorter than 12 years later. The construction of shorter tunnels similar to those found in the 7 year. Now 2 took place over the years, what a tremendous success. They're working with the latest technological means, and it's coming out. Istanbul, Yalova, Bursa, Balikesir, Izmir, approximately 500 3,5 hour we can get. This shows him how successful a government is. Thank goodness we are building a tunnel of 200 meters in our country every day. So on the motorways, such as 15 - 20 tunnel on this road, there are viaducts, all our cities will benefit from it. Where the land ends, the 4 large suspension bridge, the 4 kilometer bridge will be built. We will perform our ceremonies with the attendance of our Prime Minister Mr. 15 on March. Say
Lütfü Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that the tunnel was a total length of 7 with the arrival and said: El This tunnel was completed in a very short time. Our goal is to connect Istanbul to Bursa by the end of 2015. Our vehicles will arrive to Yalova from Istanbul, from Yalova to Bursa by motorway. We will continue to complete other projects quickly. 2017 will also be connected to Izmir. These projects are going on thanks to stability. This is thanks to trust in the government. Without stability, these projects do not take place without a penny out of the pocket of the state. We do these with Build Operate Transfer model. That is to say, we have confidence in our country and we are realizing these investments. We are not satisfied with the motorways, we are making groundbreaking investments in railways and airways. Our work in the high speed train line is very intense. Hatt

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