The antique wagon from the coal mine was a dining table

The Antique Wagon From The Coal Mine Was The Dining Table: Transformation artist Adnan Ceylan turned the steel wagon, which was built by the French in the 1900s and extracted from a coal mine that was not used in Zonguldak last year, into a dining table.
Adnan Ceylan, the owner of an art gallery in Antalya, exhibited his works of art in his gallery at the stand at the decoration fair in Alanya. Many works of art, ranging from wooden horse sculptures, old houses, to wooden tables and coffee tables, attracted the attention of visitors. The most interesting was the dining table converted from a coal wagon extracted from the mine quarry, which was closed as a result of a grizu explosion in Zonguldak during the Ottoman period. Stating that the coal wagon they built was found as a result of opening a 2013 meter deep gallery of an old coal mine in Zonguldak in 600, Ceylan said, “The 270-pound coal wagon could be removed from the mine in 3 days. We wanted to use this wagon, which remained in the gallery as a result of a grizu explosion in the 1900s, as a work of art. We have organized such a concept for this. ” Adnan Ceylan said that they completed the 100-year-old French-made coal wagon with a tree called Siberian Mazeli and antique chairs, again from the French, and transformed the value into a work of about 25 thousand Euros.
Ceylan stated that these wagons, which were built by the French in the 1900s after they received the coal business concession from the Ottomans, without riveting the steel, are very valuable nowadays. This work should come to the forefront with the time and effort spent on its emergence, rather than its material value. We completed the dining table, which we made from the antique wagon, in our workshop by working 3 people in 4 months ”.

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