Kardemir 2014 Targets 50 Growth by XNUMX

Kardemir Targets 2014 Percent Growth in 50: Fadıl Demirel, General Manager of Karabük Iron and Steel Enterprises (KARDEMİR) Inc., stated that they have a growth target of 2014 percent in 50 and said, "While increasing the capacity and volume, we will make Karabük the production center of rail systems" said.
April 3, 1937 the foundation was laid and closed on the grounds that a loss in 1995 and the period required by the government privatized 50 KARDEMİR today became one of Turkey's largest industrial enterprise. Freeing the country from importing the investments and moves that made the railroad tracks KARDEMİR Turkey has become the only institution that meets the needs of the rail.
2014 percent said they are aiming to grow in 50 KARDEMİR general manager Fadil Demirel, said: "Turkey is becoming the center of the rail around the end of the year. The last 11 years, Turkey has invested $ 20 billion to the railways. Especially in recent years, when energy is very expensive, railways are developing rapidly in transportation as an important starting point. There are countries that can and do not keep up with this. This is of course a sector that requires serious and large investments. Rail systems in our country have been turned into national projects. When we look at the targeted figures in recent years, in terms of railway transportation and iron network, it reaches the size of two and two and a half kilometers, including high-speed train tracks.
Turkey Demirel explained that the railway network of 11 thousand kilometers to 25 thousand kilometers to go, said: "This is a great investment. Now, when we look at the subways behind the tram systems of cities, not only intercity transportation, but also overground and ground transportation of metropolitan cities is carried out by rail systems. It's like an explosion. When we had such a state policy, companies started to show up accordingly. There is also a serious increase in sub-industry and equipment and system producers. "
Karabük Iron and Steel Works, emphasizing that Turkey's first heavy industry Demirel, gave the following information about the factory: "For many years, was privatized in 1995 after being in the state, this time so special. Annual production, which was 550, 600 thousand tons when it became privatized, has reached a serious production with the investment we have made in recent years. With the investments to be activated in the sixth month of this year, we reached 3 million tons of annual production. While increasing the capacity and volume, we think that we should make Karabük the production center of rail systems in our country in the basic product range. "
Demirel serious about doing collaboration with the University of Karabük, the words continued: "we are the only rail manufacturer in Turkey. We are currently selling both fast and normal train tracks both to our country and to the countries in the region. We have a capacity of 2007 thousand tons per year in the rail profile rolling mill established in 450. We make rails of all sizes. We build the subway and tram tracks. We are in the position of producing nearly three times the needs of our country in Rayda. We will not only produce a single rail in Turkey's neighboring countries. Rail system engineering has been established in KBU and there is a 3-kilometer-long test center used in rail systems within the university. We have a scissors factory in Çankırı. We produce including high speed train switches. "
Stating that there are also wheel factory projects of the train, which are still being manufactured and will start production after 22 months, Demirel continued his words as follows: “This rolling mill alone is an investment of 140 million dollars. Ray did not like that produced in Turkey. In order for it to be produced, the steel quality must be suitable for this. It is a difficult and critical manufacturing. When our factory is finished, it will produce one wheel per minute. Robots will automatically produce the wheel. It will be a robot from the beginning to the end of the line. 200 thousand production will be made annually. Turkey's annual consumption of 45 to 50 thousand units currently available. In other words, we will produce 4 times the consumption. We also make the steel of this ourselves. A factory of this volume and its production is critical for the country. We are making the rail, the wheel shears and there is also a rolling mill we just established. In this rolling mill, which will be operational in 1.5 years, there are circles used on 700 thousand railways. We will produce spring steels, bearing steels and similar steels there. We have a production of wagons. We have produced two now. We have come to do this too. We have a competitive quality cost structure. We are now a factory that produces the electricity we consume. We have achieved this from waste gases. We put it into operation last year. Then we will produce high quality round and critical steels, not ordinary steel. In the product range with high added value. However, we are bringing this with a serious investment move. Our investments will be completed in the 6th and 7th months, and our factory will exceed 3 million tons. "
Explaining that the rails had to be imported at prices close to three times the price they gave them, Demirel said, “Ray was purchased with the Council of Ministers. Now there is not even such a situation. We bring it in a serious understanding with State Railways. We are their biggest customer in bulk cargoes. DDY carries our loads and we buy them with the money of the rail as if they were buying gum from the grocery store. We are working on a current basis and money is not working. It is a very good thing for our country. We produce rails at international level of quality. We make a great contribution to the current account deficit and other aspects in our country. "
Stating that investments of more than 900 million dollars are continuing, Demirel said; “We are making big investments. Renovation of our factory, making it suitable for automation and processing, and we have a rail network of nearly 76 kilometers within ourselves. Their renewal continues. We have an investment of 3 thousand TL in 186 years in environmental investment. It's not just the indicator profitability. We made a good profit last year. If we didn't have such an investment, we could have made a bigger profit. With the renewal and modernization of the factory and the increase in investment capacity, 2014 will be a year in which we will adjust to 3 million tons of fine-tuning. In the middle of the year, we will have 3 million production. We will have finalized 2014 million tons in 3, with all logistics and stock areas, all units reaching full capacity separately and efficiency. 2014 will be a good year and this year we will grow a little more and our profitability will increase. "
Explaining that they are the backbone of the economy of Karabük, Demirel completed his words as follows: “The economy of Karabük and the city is completely up to us. There are products that no one else can make. We produce medium and heavy profiles, rails and others. We have 4 thousand employees. There are around 2 contractor employees. It is a serious employment hotbed now. There are companies that we do directly related to export and buy semi-finished products from us and convert them into finished products and export them. When you think about these, we think that we contribute to our country, which is above the wheel of a city's economy in terms of export, foreign exchange supply, and taxation in employment.


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