Istanbul is the center of the world with its third airport

With the third airport, Istanbul becomes the center of the world: THY General Manager Kotil said that Istanbul will become the aviation center of the world by taking a share especially from Asia with the third airport.
Temel Kotil, General Manager of Turkish Airlines (THY), said that they have spent over $ 500 million in advertising so far, and the third airport and the center of world aviation will shift to Istanbul. "THY and other companies will perform operations more comfortably when this is done," said Kotil, emphasizing that it will be possible for Asian large carriers to land in Istanbul. Kotil said: “These cannot fly to Istanbul today. Because there is no vacant place in Istanbul. The airport is crammed. This time, airlines in Japan will prefer Jal, Ana, Airchina, and Istanbul. According to where will they prefer? They will prefer this place according to Frankfurt, Paris, London, Milan, Rome, Lisbon and Vienna. Why is that? Because when they fly here, this is 3 hours shorter. They can go from here and return earlier. Ticket prices will be about the same. There are other airlines Turkish Airlines from Istanbul in Turkey and here you will deploy into Europe.


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