Eskişehir Gets A New Square (Photo Gallery)

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, the biggest square of Eskişehir to continue to work to continue to work rapidly. In order to bring the biggest square of the city to the city continues to work without slowing down.
The teams completed the road construction work, the traffic in the region will relieve the new junction opened to traffic. Thus, the traffic density in Cengiz Topel and University Street has also decreased considerably. Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen stated that they worked day and night to bring the biggest and most beautiful square of Eskişehir to the city. Gece We agreed with our protocol with TCDD. TCDD has completed its studies in the region, albeit late.
There are some people who want to embrace this beautiful change, the new square. In 2001, the project of taking the train passage underground was presented by the Metropolitan Municipality to the Minister of Transport of the time Oktay Vural and the project was accepted. Central government is trying to own this project. Thanks to our project and arrangements, Eskişehir won a big challenge. Eskişehir people deserve the best of everything. This pride is all of us. We will continue to work fast for our citizens m. Later, Büyükerşen visited the local artisans and exchanged ideas about the works and supervised the work of the Metropolitan teams on site.

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