Does the traffic sting in Istanbul end?

Istanbul's traffic sufferings end: ITU Road and Traffic Department Faculty Member Assoc. Contact Murat directly There is no hope in Istanbul traffic in the short term. 4. The bridge appeared on the horizon.
Istanbul traffic, the dose is increasing day by day such as torture. So, what about the state of this traffic? ITU Road and Traffic Department Faculty Member Assoc. Murat Ergün, pessimistic. ”There is no hope for Istanbul,“ he says. Metropolitan Municipality and Istanbul Security Traffic Branch is trying to open the traffic with all its power.
Piecework is not solved: How do you control traffic when you cannot control the zoning? The population of Istanbul is based on 15 million. When we made the main plan of 1997 in Istanbul, we envisioned this population for 2020. 2023 predicts 25 million. 10 what will happen after years, if I can not see the front, traffic is solved, I say is not lies. None of the intersections they called '59 per day' was the solution.
On the 4 bridge: The 4 bridge is in the queue. They're going between the 2 and the 3 bridge. In their current work we see they go to the 4, because they have routes. With the 3 bridge and airport, Istanbul's forests and water resources will go. The airport is near the water source. Citizen, the water flowing from the tap will give a liter of 15 lira.
There is no hope for Istanbul: 1000 in 500 in Europe, 150 in Istanbul. According to the Istanbul master plan at 1997, 2017 must be built with 600 km rail system. Currently 70 km. Today the mileage of the rail system is 100 million dollars. 20 years are going to be delayed. The cost was 1 liraydı, 10 was pounds. 2034 km rail system will be required for the population in 1000. There is no hope for Istanbul. The annual growth rate of population 2.2. above the average of Turkey. 350-400 thousand people coming annually. This is a Eskişehir every year.
Marmaray does not solve because: Marmaray did not solve it. Kadıköy- Eagle metro lines should carry 500 thousand people per day, while carrying 150 thousand. There shouldn't be much transfer in the subway. Transfer stations have been postponed 400-500 meters for political rent, and zoning around. The citizen does not want to walk 500 meters above ground and 40 meters underground. Transferred, expensive, cannot go with its trunk. He gets on the van waiting in front of the door.
Non-budget: In Istanbul for the rail system need to invest 15 billion dollars per year. However, Turkey's rail-road budget 10 billion dollars. Let's say 15 is invested in Istanbul, 10 ends in the year. If the investment on the highway is made to the railway, Istanbul has a hope of getting away.
Red alarm: We are in red alert for Istanbul. In the long run, there is no other solution for the subway. In the short term, there is no chance of a solution. Administrators do not have a solution in the mind, 'How to give permission to reconstruction, how to make a shopping center of the city's main artery' var. We make the transportation plans according to the zoning, the zoning is constantly changing.
According to the information provided by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 10 has solved many problems of Istanbul traffic with the investment of 32 billion liras per year. For example, the average time to traffic in 53 minutes to 49 minutes. Innovative and sustainable solutions have been implemented in order to popularize public transportation. With the metrobuses, both the time spent in traffic and the environmentalist moves were made. The emission of 80 thousand vehicles per day was reduced.
Metro instead of cars: The city was built with iron nets. The 45 mileage system, 10 141 kilometers per year. 2017 420 will find the system with this system will stop every neighborhood rail line. After 2019, there will be no need for special vehicles with the 776 kilometer metro network.
The advantage of Marmaray: The Üsküdar Marmaray project was completed with the integration of the Golden Horn Metro passage. The Golden Horn Metro Pass 4 thousand people used 50 a day. Hacıosman was attached to Kartal. Kartal i from Taksim to 52 minutes. Construction of Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy-Tuzla-Sabiha Gökçen Airport metro.
Havaray is coming: With a record unprecedented in the history of the Republic, 10 roads and junctions have been put into service in the last 286 years. An average of 101 thousand vehicles pass through the three tunnels per day. Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey subway, whose foundations were laid recently, Mecidiyeköy-Kabataş The traffic problem will be minimized with the rail system line and the metro, cable car, airfield and parking lot projects passing through the IMM Assembly recently.
I'm wrong.
False: Police privilege luxury vehicles parked in the wrong place.
Correct: Police tractors, 1.5 tone
It is not capable of technically lifting the tools on it. Luxury vehicles are heavy so you can't lift the hammer.
Wrong: Traffic police cut the citizen
Taking the premium over penalties.
Correct: General Directorate of Security,
It determines the annual traffic control and the number of each city. The aim is to change the behavior of the driver and not to punish the driver. Police claim that the premium on the penalty cut, the urban legend.
Wrong: Anyone with a flashlight
use the safety strip.
Correct: Vehicles with a strobe lamp that uses the safety strip: Those who have the advantage of transiting according to Article 71 of the Act may be fitted to civilian and official means of police or police protection. 2011-2014 The 2047 driver was caught using an improper 2047 strobe lamp between January.
Wrong: Having an ATM everywhere
makes life easier.
True: ATMs must be located on the right, not on the left of a one-way street or street. The bank should not cause the driver to withdraw the traffic. The same goes for cargo companies.
Deputy Chief of Police Bülent Köksal, Traffic Inspection Branch Manager Mesut Gezer and his assistants Levent Altın, Ali Özsoylar, Serhan Yılmaz; driver and pedestrian errors caused by traffic problems and solution work. Sorun Istanbul traffic is a problem since 1970s. 3 bin traffic police, 130 (to be removed 200) motorcycle hawk contributes to the faster flow of traffic. We're partly successful because the rate of resolving the traffic police is 12-13 trafik.
Security Director Selami Altinok with the start of the weekends on the ring road, inner city and the Bosphorus line at the 25 point we will accelerate the traffic with our work. We will intervene immediately with motor, pedestrian and patrol teams.
Istanbul is full of roads. . We will be more visible on motorways, streets and Bosphorus. We will quickly intervene in accidents and failures with our tractors.
We work in coordination with IMM. They're transmitting the EDS camera records, and our Whatsapp group. We communicate with the radio and dispatch the crew to the accident site without wasting time. Vehicles that block traffic due to malfunction or accident are free of charge in safe locations. The municipality is giving 20 new appeal.
Driving courses are very important in the development of traffic culture. It is necessary to internalize the rules, not the fear of punishment.
Traffic Department in cooperation with OPET-primary schools across Turkey in 2-7-grade students xnumx'unc increase traffic awareness project, we began to educate 9 thousand students in Istanbul.
Using alcoholic vehicles and violating the red light, traffic was the most important 'risk of getting detectable'. So the road user knows that he will be caught in a rule violation.
2013 21 Beginning in August, drug control has been started. 14'ın taxi, 20 bus and minibus driver, including 169 person's blood in the drug.
Istanbul at 1965
Population: 1.742.978
Special Auto: 19.353
Taxi: 15.010
Truck: 9.596
Pickup: 7.374
Bus: 876
Minibus: 2.394
Covered: 742
Jeep: 144
Motorcycle: 3.562
Dolmus: 627
Tractor: 326
Bicycle (with plate): 8.137
Horse carriage: 3.430
1 January at 2014 Istanbul
Population: 13.854.740
Cars: 2.129.202
Truck: 88.379
Pickup: 585.783
Bus: 52.667
Minibus: 68.692
Land vehicle: 17.055
Motorcycle: 223.307
Tractor: 21.714
Tow Truck: 33.569
Tanker: 4.098
Special purpose: 6.441
Trailer: 60.932
Semi-trailer: 53.837
TOTAL: 3.291.840

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