Copper Cable Ringer 2 suspects caught in Tcdd Warehouse

Two suspects who stole Copper Cable from Tcdd Depot were caught: Two suspects allegedly stealing 2 kilograms of cable from TCDD's warehouse in Arifiye district of Sakarya were caught.
Provincial Police Department Public Security Branch Directorate teams working on the stealing of cable from TCDD's warehouse determined the plate of the vehicle where the stolen cables were transported. The vehicle was caught as a result of a chase in Pamukova district. AG and VS in the vehicle were detained.
In the investigation, AG, VS and M.Ç. It was determined that named suspects performed. It was determined that the suspects sold the 300 kilograms of cable they stole to the scrap dealer. Copper cables found in the scrap dealer were seized and delivered to TCDD. Among the suspects detained, AG was handed over to the relevant gendarmerie station in order to continue the investigation due to being a soldier. Work was started to capture the fugitive M.Ç. The suspect VS was referred to the courthouse after his interrogation at the police station.


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