Complaints about rail vehicles in Istanbul tripled in one year

Complaints about rail vehicles in Istanbul tripled in one year: Complaints about rail vehicles belonging to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) increased three times in a year. Applications, which were 2012 thousand 7 in 72, reached 2013 thousand 21 in 634. In addition to the complaints submitted to Transportation Inc., one of the subsidiaries of IMM, demands increased. The number of wishes and wishes increased from 10 258 to 10 635, while the amount of thanks decreased from 600 to 575. The lost goods notifications in the subway, tramway and cable car, which were 2012 in 2, increased by more than 258 times last year and reached 2 thousand 4.
Istanbul traffic directs the people living in the city to the rail system. While the number of people preferring the rail system was 2012 million 333 thousand in 906, it increased by 2013 percent in 20 to 402 million 270 thousand. In this increase; Esenler-Bağcılar-Başakşehir-İkitelli Olimpiyatköy metro line became operational; Eagle-Kadıköy Connecting the metro line to Marmaray played an important role. Bağcılar- with the most passengers, 121 million 234 thousandKabataş moved on the tram line. This figure is 34 million 435 thousand 962 in Topkapı-Habipler, Kadıköy- It was 654 thousand 594 in Moda.
89 million 822 thousand 599 passengers in the metro lines, Şişhane-Hacıosman metro line has achieved the first place.
Improvisation- Kabataş 11 million 997 thousand 498 Istanbul residents benefited from the funicular line.


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