70 Thousand Istanbulites Parked at Ispark, Continue with Marmaray

70 People from Istanbul Parked Park, Continued with Marmaray: The first stop of the citizen in the Marmaray project, which was described as the project of the century and started to serve Istanbulites with a magnificent opening on 29 October 2013, was İSPARK. In 4 months, 70 thousand people from Istanbul parked in İSPARK and used Marmaray.
The project, which connects Europe and Asia with the tube passages placed under the Bosporus and reduces the travel distance between the two continents to 4 minutes, attracted great interest from the citizens. İSPARK has put the car owners to Marmaray with the Park Park and Go parking. Park Et Devam Et parking lots were opened at the points where the first stops were located on both sides and the park was continued with Marmaray.
Located in the vicinity of Metro, Metrobus, IDO and public transportation stations in the city, nok Park Et Continue ”car parks are opened and İSPARK makes new parking lots at the points close to Marmaray line.
İSPARK, which carries out coordinated activities with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, opened a parking lot for a total of 500 thousand vehicles, including 500 in Kazlıçeşme and 2 in Kartal on the Marmaray line.
In order to enable citizens to reach the route they will go without getting into traffic by using Marmaray and to ease the vehicle load in the city, İSPARK offers a total of 2 thousand car parking facilities in Kazlıçeşme and Kartal Bridge Open Parking Lot. Recently, 600 is the transfer station between Metro and Marmaray. opens the parking lot for cars.
İSPARK General Manager Mehmet Çevik stated that they rapidly spread the eğ Park Et Devam Et in parking lots, which constitute an important part of the transportation systems and contribute to the solution of the traffic density. I With the support of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we launched the Kazlıçeşme and Kartal Bridge outdoor car park on the Marmaray line. The 600 car park will also be available to the drivers. We will contribute to the flow of traffic by putting Park Et Devam Et in the service park, which encourages public transportation throughout the city. Kent
İSPARK, which provides service with 40 thousand vehicle capacity at 12 point in Istanbul, pulls out the vehicle traffic with 120 km length every day with Park Et Devam Et. With the. Continue With Park ası project, approximately 20 million TL annually is provided to the economy, while the annual emission of 750 tons of carbon dioxide is prevented from spreading to the environment.
With the application implemented by İSPARK; promoting public transport, reducing harmful exhaust emissions, less road occupation, less fuel consumption, reducing traffic stress, and time saving. Park Continue Go to the parking lots 2 million 700 thousand people per year.

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