Between Metro Networks and Beylikdüzü-Taksim 55 Minutes

Between Metro Networks and Beylikdüzü-Taksim 55 Minutes: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbas, opened the opening of Beylikdüzü Ottoman Garden will meet the needs of the region, metro, tunnel and environmental investments in Beylikdüzü will come to a very different scale, he said.
Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and AK Party Candidate Kadir Topbaş participated in the opening ceremony of the investments and services made in Beylikdüzü district. Mayor Topbaş met with the citizens in Barış Neighborhood and Beylikdüzü Mayor and AK Party candidate Yusuf Uzun also accompanied. Mayor Topbaş who realized the opening of the Ottoman Garden, which was completed within the scope of the Green Valley project of 450 thousand square meters, gave the gospel to Metro, tunnel and environment investments to Beylikdüzü. Noting that Beylikdüzü is a newly established residential area, they have come to a very different point and they continue to invest in many subjects. Topbas, the opening of the Ottoman Garden, including the Ottoman Garden project, not only the district will meet the needs of the entire region, he said.
Topbaş said that a metro line coming from Bahçelievler to Beylikdüzü is over and the tender stage has been reached. And At the moment, a metro project coming from Bahçelievler to the center of Büyükçekmece will be at the tender stage. Their plans are over, their projects are over. This means that in the near future when a person living in Beylikdüzü gets into the subway, 26 will be in Taksim after minutes. He can go to Eagle if he wants to. If he can transfer and go to Ankara by high-speed train. This is what should be. This is a sign of civilization. Because it is not possible to provide the daily movement of people with buses and cars. A cheap quality transportation system but we said it was possible with the metro and we are doing this work Ucuz.
Ti Beylikdüzü will be on a very different scale with the metro, ye said Topbaş, who said that the metron coming to Büyükçekmece by passing through Beylikdüzü could extend to Silivri. Topbaş underlined that the metro line was designed as Metrogar by Büyükçekmece and continued as follows:
. We will install this subway line so that it will go to Silivri. When we came to Büyükçekmece from Beylikdüzü at the depth of 25-30 meters, the station would climb on the bridge. We have found a solution. When Metro arrives in Büyükçekmece, we will build a building and the subway will enter this. There will be one subway. A field of activity like a greenhouse. It will be a desired project where people meet. We're meeting with businessmen the other day. I mentioned it there and I said I could enter into a project like this, I said, 'We're Gireriz'. This is done even without leaving the pocket. En
Mayor Topbaş, who also expressed that they are planning a tunnel to Beylikdüzü from Haramidere, said: ne We have given an instruction to our friends. I asked for a tunnel from Haramidere to Beylikdüzü. So people will pass directly to why traffic there. Pass through the tunnel directly. We are also making a fish in Beylikdüzü. This is a pier to say a dock, Bu he said.
After his speech, Mayor Topbaş gave a gift to a little girl named Venüs reading a poem he wrote before the ceremony. After the opening ceremony, Kadir Topbaş went to Yeşil Vadi and visited the Ottoman Garden.


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