54 Annual Erzurum Ski Lodge Customization Stroke

54 Annual Erzurum Ski Club Customization Stroke: The privatization of Palandöken and Konaklı Skiing Centers was carried out by the Privatization Administration, and the 54 annual Erzurum Ski Club was in danger of closing.

The club's club facilities in Palandöken, the inclusion of President Bülent Ülker rebelled in the scope of privatization. Ülker, m The land belongs to the National Real Estate, but the building was built entirely with the money of this city man and was presented to the ski club as a gift. If it is not done within the scope of privatization, we will have no way to get out of the club. Özel

Olympics to complete 11 time athletes sender, 23 winning the 26 times Turkey championship to be superimposed, Erzurum, which prints the name of the ski historic Ski Club, the Privatization Agency of the Presidency of Palandöken and live in danger of closing customization work because he walked in Konaklı. Bülent Ülker, who explained that the land has been completely owned by the Ski Club and that the Privatization Administration has included the facilities within the scope of privatization, said, ü We are paying land rent to Milli Emlak. The building is on our, but the Privatization Administration doesn't care at all and says, "We've got coverage." This decision regretfully said that 54 will cause an annual resentment to end its activities. Bu

Talking about the issue with the AK Party deputy Erzurum deputy Cengiz Yavilioğlu said that he promised to help and Ulker, said:

Uz We are awaiting news from Mr. Yavilioğlu. Nothing has changed until now. If the building belonging to the Ski Club is taken away from our club, we will have to terminate all our activities. It is impossible to continue our activities without the service building of our club, which has served for years in skiing. "

On the other hand, the Special Administrative Ski Club and the Snow Observatory at the Palandöken Gondol Lift Station were excluded from the privatization scope. The location of the ski resort, which has been used as a social facility under the name of the Snow Observatory and where high-level bureaucrats spend their weekends, has been removed from the scope of the privatization and the club club of the Ski Club, which has served since the 54 year, caused reactions. The inconsistent decisions of the Privatization Administration are being criticized.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:25

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