Number of 3 bridge bridges decreased

The number of those who want to construct the 3 bridge has decreased: In a survey, it was noted that drivers who did not use bridges in Istanbul stated that the 3 bridge should be built and those who used it were opposed.
In the 34 neighborhood of Istanbul's 180 district, Dr. Haluk Levent and Sociologist Güven Dağıstan 3 bin 19 people with the "Life Transportation Conditions and the 3 bridge" research was interesting results. prof.levent; Iza We asked our people about their initial perception of transportation and the 3 bridge. 3. the number of supporters of the bridge has decreased, we have identified support for Marmaray. The interesting result of the research is that the people who travel between the two sides each day are the ones who want to stop the construction of the 3 bridge but the ones who want to continue the bridge are the ones who do not travel between the two sides çekici. Here are the stunning results:
- 9,72 percent of those living in Istanbul said that they travel between both sides every weekday. 44,27 percent of the people almost never cross from one side to the other. "
- Bus (IETT, ÖHO) comes first with 58,10 percent in transportation. While the private vehicle is 26,43 percent, Metrobüs is in third place with 25,21 percent.
- Improving the metro comes first with 46,7 percent regarding what needs to be done to solve the transportation-traffic problem. Other options are to decrease the use of cars, increase the number of public transportation vehicles, improve the metrobus line, and the construction of the 3rd bridge is seen as the 7th solution.
- The most used vehicle for the journey between the two sides is metrobus with 43.76 percent. Those who call the steamboat are 38,03 percent, private 27,33 percent.

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