3. Germans who hesitate at the airport are investing

  1. The Germans are coming from the airport afraid to invest in Germany's largest exhibition company MMI, with an investment of 250 million euros to build the largest exhibition area of ​​Turkey.
    Turkey to refrain from the airport to the 3rd German league will take the world are coming to invest. MMI largest exhibition company in the country, with an investment of 250 million euros to build the largest exhibition area of ​​Turkey.
    With a budget of $ 46 billion, which will make Turkey a major intersection in the world 3rd airport project, it turned the eyes of the world's largest company in the region. Even the Germans, who are allegedly trying to prevent the investment as they will suffer a significant market loss with the implementation of the project, decided to invest in the region in order to benefit from the potential of the airport. The fear of the 3rd Airport in Germany was brought to the agenda by the comments of Lufthansa, the biggest airline company of the country. The company, which ended its cooperation with Turkish Airlines, showed that the project would take away the superiority of Germany in air transport.
    Airlines revealing reservations about the new project, Germany's Bayern Munich Municipality's 100 percent owner is the world's largest exhibition company from the Messe München (Munich) International (MMI), 3rd in a land close to the airport Turkey rolled up its sleeves to build the biggest fairground. Having established MMI Eurasia Fuarcılık company together with Turkish partners 9 months ago, the major shareholder MMI negotiated a 50 decare land close to the region, and started discussions with the authorities on a 420 decare public land close to this territory. Tolga Özkarakaş, CEO and partner of MMI Eurasia Fuarcılık, said that the main company decided to invest due to the rapid growth of the Turkish economy and its leadership in the region. Özkarakaş informed that they will establish a fair area with a closed area of ​​250 thousand square meters with an investment of 150 million euro. Özkarakaş, stating that only two of over 100 thousand square meters of exhibition space in Turkey, said it would be a significant investment in this size in Europe. Özkarakaş stated that MMI organizes the biggest furs of the world and that worldwide events will come to the city with the realization of this project in Istanbul. European companies want to expand to Africa and the Middle East via Istanbul. ”
    Özkarakaş, MMI Chairman Klaus Dittrich's also because of the simplified visa procedures during that and the entry visa requirement for some countries, in Turkey, will be held in Istanbul at the exhibition to neighboring countries, he said he expects a large visitor participation.
    the first fair held in April said they Özkarakaş "This will be Turkey's first twin fairs he described Seismic Safety Conference and INTERGEO Eurasia. He will be held at the Istanbul WOW Congress Center on April 28-29, 2014. Özkarakaş, in the other an exhibition planned in Turkey recalling that IFAT Eurasia, and this event will be held in 2015, he said it would be for environmental technologies.


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