3rd Airport Project will carry Istanbul to the league of giants

  1. The Airport Project will carry Istanbul to the league of giants: 3. The Airport Project continues at full speed, despite attempts to block it. The project, which will be among the largest airports in the world, will host 150 million passengers a year when it is completed.
    With a capacity of 150 million passengers per year will be one of the world's largest airports 3 Airport, Turkey will make a major intersection in the world. The project, which will be implemented with an investment of 90 billion TL, is expected to be completed in 2018. It will be designed to be independent of each six-runway airport from Turkey to Istanbul giants as well as the insertion of the league in a 'hub' will make.
    Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently announced the working schedule of the 3rd airport. In his speech, Erdogan said, “Can you imagine that the world's largest airport will be built, in the top three, they are blocking it. Can they cut it? No, they won't. Why? Because it is unlawful to block it, it is against the law. We'll put them out and our dozers will work there thumping. I am giving a date for the end of April and the beginning of June. Those who try to block it will crush us first, but then they can block it ”.
    In the past months, four people applied to the Istanbul 4th Administrative Court, on the grounds that the new airport project to Istanbul would destroy agricultural areas, adversely affect natural life, accelerate climate change, destroy forest areas and damage drinking water basins. he wanted it to be stopped and canceled. Upon the decision of the court, which decided to suspend the execution of the EIA positive decision on January 21, the Regional Administrative Court, which is a higher court, lifted the 'suspension of execution' decision last week.
    Minister of Environment and Urbanization, İdris Güllüce, responded to the claims that the airport construction could be extended by 1 year with the judicial process: “No, it will not. Nobody will stop the world as Turkey's notorious conviction that this is the perfect project you arrive. This airport will definitely be built, the EIA report is positive. Our airport will continue without stopping, ”he said.

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