3. Airport to continue where it left off

📩 25/11/2018 18:25

  1. Airport continue where it left off: The Istanbul Regional Administrative Court overturned the court's suspension order for the 3rd Airport. Operations at the 3rd Airport will continue from where they left off.
    Istanbul 4. The Administrative Court, 3 in the case brought by the citizens Özgür Ceylan Aytaç, Alican Ocak, Cevat Ocak and Yıldırım Yılmaz. It had halted the execution of the airport's EIA positive decision. 21 2014 by January 3. There would not be any operations related to the airport.
    According to the news of Serkan Ocak from Radikal, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization objected to the Regional Administrative Court, which is a higher court, after the operations of the 3rd Airport were stopped.
    The Regional Administrative Court decided on the appeal on 11 March 2014. The "suspension of execution" decision previously given by the 4th Administrative Court was lifted. The following expressions were used in the new decision: “… considering that it does not have a quality that will be exhausted by its application to the field of expert reports, and that the request for a suspension of execution at this stage will cause the request to be suspended temporarily for a long time, there is no compliance with the law in stopping the execution of the transaction, which is not clearly unlawful yet. "
    The lawyer of the case was Alp Tekin Ocak, 3. Stating that the decision to halt the activities related to the airport is very important, he explained the stopping of this decision as follows: karar A project that will cause irreversible losses when intervened. An administrative process that will be exhausted when applied. It will have very serious consequences. His unlawfulness had to be controlled. 1 inch soil 10 thousand years, while a year waiting, did not mind. 3. The area where the airport will be built is a very important ecosystem for Istanbul. The removal of this ecosystem will also open the way for urbanization. The court has made a decision to lift the middle concerns. He stopped the project until he made an expert witness. However, the removal of this decision by another court disables the administrative jurisdiction. Ancak
    Stating that the decision was contrary to the law in terms of procedure, Ocak said, da Contrary to the case law. In the Administrative Procedure Procedures Law, objections against the decision to interrupt the execution are not considered. There are a lot of examples. However, the upper court decides immediately and removes the lower court's decision to take action Ancak.

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