3. new EIA with jet speed for airport

  1. new EIA with jet speed for the airport: Istanbul 4. Administrative Court, 3. found the inadequacies of the airport and decided that construction activities could not be carried out until the discovery of the expert. However, the consortium received the tender without waiting for the actual decision of the court and submitted a new EIA file to the ministry.
    The EIA positive decision of the 3rd airport project, which was planned to be built in Istanbul and whose tender stage was completed, was stopped by the court. Istanbul 4th Administrative Court found the investigations about the project insufficient and ruled that the construction activities could not be carried out until an expert discovery was made. However, the consortium, which won the tender without waiting for the main decision of the court, submitted a new EIA file to the ministry. If a positive decision is made in the new file, it does not matter how the court will conclude. the case kazanAt the same time, citizens have to file a lawsuit again and give their discovery money to the court again.
    Transport is planned to be constructed within the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications' Istanbul Region 3. The first EIA Report on the Airport 'project was submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization at April 2013. Tender. Cengiz-Limak-Kolin consortium received the tender. The EIA report of the project also received a positive decision.
    However, the professional chambers and some citizens have filed a lawsuit for the suspension and cancellation of the EIA positive decision. The case filed by the professional chambers was sent to the Council of State by a decision of jurisdiction. The Administrative Court, in January, stopped the execution of the EIA positive decision. The court, in its decision, is the subject of the case 4. claims of damaging the nature of the airport by sorting the claims individually stopped the implementation of the project until an expert examination.
    The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has appealed this decision. On the other hand, the execution of the new EIA positive decision was stopped. The new EIA report submitted to the ministry's approval at 6 March 2014 is about 4 times the length of the first. The first report was the 339 page. The new report found the 1347 page with the addition of new files such as drillings and maps prepared at the project stage.
    The final section of the newly prepared report includes the results of the analysis, especially on geological drilling. In addition, the measurement results of the General Directorate of Meteorology in the region are also included in the report. New photos, sketches, reports, satellite images and maps have been added to the project.
    One of the new reports added to the last section of the Faculty of Science in Ankara University Faculty of Science. Dr. 'Ecological Assessment Report' prepared by Latif Kurt. The report includes detailed information about the flora fauna in the region, and the result of the project, 'a great habitat and biomass loss' will be experienced with the project. Professor Kurt report in the region of the hydrobiological and ornithological (bird science) in terms of examining is very important, he says.
    Assoc. Dr. According to the report of birds prepared by Aziz Aslan, it is emphasized that birds should be monitored for at least two years. The report states that an absolute account must be made before the activities start. The report also explains that an absolute account will prevent future losses. The results of the tests on surface water in the region and the sound and air quality reports are also included in the EIA. The report also includes the positive opinion given by the Ministry of National Defense.

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