3. airport EIA report has interesting details

  1. There are interesting details in the airport EIA report: 3. In the EIA report prepared for the airport, it was stated that the risks to be faced in the field of bird-plane collisions were determined within the scope of the project and a risk analysis would be prepared with the completion of bird counts. The project involved the removal of birds from airports, LPG guns, gun blasting, bird-ejecting ultrasonic sounds, alarm sounds, mock-ups, lights.
    3 to be made to ISTANBUL. The new EIA Report, prepared for the airport, has been highlighted in the thousand 350 pages. I The project area is 76 million 500 thousand square meters and this area is 61 million square meters of forest area. In the report, it has been pointed out that tree species such as larch and red pine, which are aged C and D, are more economical to be cut and placed on the market.
    3 to be built by Cengiz-Limak-Kolin consortium. The airport's new EIA Report was submitted to the Ministry of Environment last week. According to the report, the Ministry of Transport will carry out the permits for expropriation of cemeteries, schools, mosques, forests and structures within the scope of the project. According to the report, risk analyzes related to bird aircraft collisions can be prepared together with bird counts during the construction and operation phase of the project.
    In order to evaluate bird migration paths in terms of bird-plane crashes, and to develop measures of measures, species will be monitored for two years in migration period and migration routes and flight routes will be determined. Risk analysis will be prepared with the completion of bird counts by determining the risks related to bird-plane collisions. Görünt Audio and video scare görünt methods will be applied for removal of birds. In the report, these methods were listed as lar LPG guns, gun blasting, bird abductor ultrasonic sounds, alarm sounds, models, lights Rapor.
    Not included in the tree to be cut
    In case of realization of the project, there will be a great habitat and biomass loss in floristic terms. An important part of the planned area of ​​the airport is Arnavutköy Northern Forests. It is also part of a multi-storey forest corridor with spindle leaves, broad-leaved and mixed trees. It is also an important component of the northern regime, which gives Istanbul the character of settlement. The majority of the area of ​​activity is forestation. Maritima pine, pistachio, oak and false acacia plantation is predominant. The individuals are usually composed of young saplings under 8 centimeters. Since the individuals under 8 centrifugation are out of inventory, the number of trees to be cut is not included in the calculation of the number and wealth.
    Market supply more appropriate
    The transfer of oak and hornbeam youth from exile (0-8 cm) from other exile to other areas is not suitable because they will not carry economic and landscape value. maritime pine from fast growing species, maritime pine, it would be appropriate radiata pine such species are difficult to evaluate in Turkey market and landscape values ​​of transport that can be placed on the market by cutting by authorities of forest stands in every age, the C age (20-35,9 cm) of larch and red pine stands in diameter likewise appropriate will be evaluated.
    Environmental engineers prepare for litigation
    3 planned to be built in ISTANBUL. The positive decision for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report of the airport project, Istanbul 4. It was found inadequate by the Administrative Court. The court stopped construction activities until the expert discovery. However, the consortium received the tender and presented a new EIA report to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Baran Bozoglu, the leader of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers who defined the new report as unlawful, said, “We now want the Minister of Environment to speak like the Minister of Environment. Yeni The new EIA report submitted to the ministry's approval at 6 March 2014 is about 4 times the length of the first. FIRST APPEALS ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERS Baran Bozoglu, the leader of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers, said that they would file a lawsuit to stop the execution of the report. In this report, Wastewater Treatment / Deep Sea Discharge Circular was considered to be dated and dated to 2012 circular, whereas the circular was changed in 2014. There has been no change in the statements regarding environmental problems. The newly prepared EIA Report is legally invalid. All bureaucrats who accept this report as a basis commit a crime. In the study of Istanbul Chamber of Environmental Engineers, the heat island to accelerate the global warming of the airport had determined that it would generate electromagnetic pollution, dry water basins and groundwater and affect the migration routes of birds. These details were included in the new EIA report.

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