2013 Fleet Manager Awards of the Year Awards (Photo Gallery)

2013 Fleet Manager of the Year Awards found their owners: The "Fleet Manager of the Year Awards" organized by the world's leading fleet leasing company LeasePlan and Ekonomist magazine found their owners. LeasePlan – Economist Fleet Manager of the Year Award by Keymen İlaç kazanwas. Vodafone won the Secure Fleet Award, supported by Mapfre Genel Sigorta, while Siemens received the Michelin Green Fleet Award. Eras İnşaat won the LeasePlan SME Fleet Manager Award and Mustafa Nevzat İlaç received the Shell Special Jury Award. kazanwas.
The güvenli Fleet Manager of the Year Awards mas, which was organized to draw attention to the contribution of fleet management to the performance of the companies and to the national economy, to support the formation of environmental and traffic safety awareness, to promote and reward the efficient use of resources, was found in a ceremony held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. The awards given by the leading fleet leasing company of the world LeasePlan and Ekonomist magazine, fleet managers from many different sectors and valuable names of the sector participated.
92 company filed a fleet manager
LeasePlan SME Fleet Manager, LeasePlan-Economist Fleet Manager of the Year, Michelin Green Fleet and Mapfre General Insurance Safe Fleet categories were received in the competition, the Shell Jury Special Award was also evaluated in the category.
Applications Economist Magazine Publishing Director Talat Yeşiloğlu, LeasePlan Turkey Vice Chairman Acar, LeasePlan Turkey General Manager Türkay Oktay Auto Show Magazine Editor in Chief Hrant Kasapoğlu, Michelin's Turkey General Manager Marco Giuliani, Mapfre Genel Sigorta Sales and Marketing Service Manager Seydi Iron Shell & Turcas Turkey Commercial Fleet Sales Manager Murat Birgül and GÜSE Founding Partner and Safe Driving Campaign Specialist was evaluated by a jury consisting beats Gülünay.
Vodafone Secure Fleet Awards, which achieved a first in Turkey
Mapfre Genel Sigorta secure the first prize in the fleet category BS ISO 39001 Road Driving Safety Management System certification to the owner of Turkey's first and the world's 7th company and that the civil society traffic safety governed by the organization of awareness programs because Vodafone had Telecommunications Fleet Manager Nayil Cream's. The second prize was awarded to "driving" twice a year with its employees, which reduced traffic accidents by 2008 percent between 2013-60. sohbetLilly Pharmaceuticals Human Resources Manager Işıl Çelik and her team organized the Akçansa Cement Fleet Management Specialist Volkan Uncu, who has achieved a 50 percent improvement in traffic fines with the awareness of users on speeding, and who has high goals for the safety of their users with the driver training academy they will put into operation, was also awarded the third prize. Kazanmoments received their awards from Seydi Demir, Mapfre General Insurance Sales & Marketing Service Manager.
Michelin Green Fleet Award to Siemens using electric vehicle
The first prize in the Michelin Green Fleet category went to Siemens Turkey Fleet Manager, Mr. Sedat Uğurlu, whose 96 percent diesel fleet consists of diesel vehicles, attaches importance to CO2 emissions in vehicle selections, uses electric vehicles as the company's pool vehicle and also has a charging station. Aras Kargo, which is the first company in its sector to use electric van vehicles and requires the engines of the models to comply with Euro 5 norms when purchasing vehicles, was also awarded the second prize. Defne Çelik, Aras Cargo Fleet Manager, received the award. The third place in the Michelin Green Fleet Award went to Murat Koshbahtlı, Enercon Service Purchasing and Fleet Management Officer, who has determined the environment as the focal point in fleet management as the company is in the wind energy sector and aims to reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicles they use to below the catalog values. Kazanmoments received their awards from Michelin Turkey General Manager Marco Giuliani.
Eras İnşaat won the LeasePlan SME Fleet Manager Award kazanoutside
LeasePlan considered that SMEs SMEs, an important source of added value Turkey's economy Fleet Managers Award, Founder and Manager of Construction Eraser Erdogan was the original. Özgün, for this award, the company, since the 2008 vehicle tracking system to record the daily movements of users using the monthly performance charts were awarded. A unique, award gave Türkay Oktay LeasePlan Turkey General Manager.
Shell Jury Special Award was given to MN Pharmaceuticals
The Shell Jury Special Award was given to Mustafa Nevzat İlaç, due to the size they manage, the importance they attach to internal customer satisfaction and safety, and the developments that fleet managers have made in their fleet management strategies for more than 10 years. Award, Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceuticals Purchasing and Administrative Affairs Manager, Mr. Levent Karatas, Shell & Turcas Turkey Commercial Fleet Sales Manager Murat received from Birgül Expedition.
Fleet Manager of the Year Award to Keymen İlaç
Fleet Manager of the Year Award given by The Economist and LeasePlan kazanKeymen Pharmaceuticals Fleet Management and Organizations Deputy Manager Alev Topçu, who achieved a 30 percent reduction in fleet management expenses, a 25 percent reduction in vehicle maintenance and repairs, and a 20 percent reduction in traffic fines, in one year. The second prize went to Siemens Turkey Fleet Manager, Mr. Sedat Uğurlu, who received driving training for employees who had more than two accidents a year, and who managed to reduce fleet management costs by 3 percent every year despite the increase in vehicle quality and number in the last 12 years. LeasePlan – Economist Fleet Manager of the Year Category Third place went to Abbott Laboratories Fleet Manager İlksen Şahinbaş Kalıpçıoğlu, who monitors and reports the driver's driving behavior twice a year under the supervision of safe driving coaches, and constantly evaluates the performance of its users with a scoring system. Kazanmoments received their awards from LeasePlan Turkey General Manager Türkay Oktay and Ekonomist Magazine Editorial Director Talat Yeşiloğlu.

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