First Skiing in Yurduntepe Ski Center (Photo Gallery)

Yurduntep Ski Center in the first ski Done: Kastamonu Yurduntep Ski Facility, the first skiing this year yapıldı.türki accross the experienced dry season due to snowfall in recent years in Kastamonu to be ineffective experiencing mobility Ski Facility with recent snowfall. Skiers enjoyed the first time at the Yurduntepe Ski Center, which is planned to be opened this year in Kastamonu with an investment of approximately 20 million TL. Master skiers at Yurduntepe Ski Center, which has a long track for professional ski lovers, enjoyed the pleasure of skiing. Visiting the Yurduntepe Ski Center, Kastamonu Governor Erdogan Bektas organized an inspection trip with the Snow Track vehicle. Governor Bektaş, who detected the deficiencies on the track tested by skilled skiers, said that the works will be started without wasting time on the correction.

Due to Turkey's Kastamonu Governor reminded that the most spectacular views of the airport, Bektaş said that they were also still aiming to launch their most spectacular ski resort of Turkey's landscape and nature.

Stating that he was visiting Yurduptepe Ski Center to see the works in his place, Governor Bektaş said, “We wanted to come here to see our track profitably. Let's figure out where to intervene next year. Therefore, we had the opportunity to review the track from start to finish with our skiers, technical team and colleagues who know the business. It is a really nice facility. I wish we could have gotten to the circuit this year but hopefully eliminating the deficiencies we see this coming winter to complete and as one of Turkey's largest and most important facilities will be offered the services of the skier, "he said.

Governor Bektaş thanked everyone who contributed to the efforts of Yurduptepe Ski Center to come to this stage and said, “We have reviewed the downhill track again. Together we will recover the shortcomings, we will finish this work this summer. Hopefully we will have entered the next winter with a complete, extremely important ski resort and Ilgaz-2 Yurdun Tepe Ski facility. When you really go up, the mood of a person changes. It is a different happiness to see the high hills from above, to watch the whole region, to be able to watch in a snowy environment. ”