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Wagon Statement from Bolu Municipality: Bolu Municipality made a statement about the cost of the locomotives and wagons exhibited in Karaçayır Park.
Bolu Mayor, Karaçayır Park exhibited the cost of the locomotives and wagons on the news about the news. 2 thousand 500 pounds, the cost of the allocation of locomotives and wagons, the 2013 said in a statement in August, X 2013 for maintenance and repair was decided in September. In the same month, the 'tender for leasing operation' will already cover all the costs of locomotives and wagons. We remind once again that blaming the facts is of no use to Bolu. Gerç
Bolu Municipality Presidency in the last days of the press and organs 'amiyane' is criticized in the Karaçayır Park locomotives and wagons in the allocation, transportation, maintenance-repair cost of the explanation was made. The fact that the presented facts are presented as 'lies' and that the condemnation of services to the 'shallow opposition understanding' is not beneficial to Bolu, the statement said that municipalism was not only 'pavement'.
The Municipality of Bolu has contacted the General Directorate of State Railways for those who are not traveling by train, especially those who do not have the chance to see the train, especially to children, and that they want to bring a locomotive and wagon to the city. 25 2013 30 117 56142 2013 2 500 was allocated to the Bolu Municipality on the date of XNUMX. The wagons were not bought, rented! XNUMX was allocated in August for a total of XNUMX thousand XNUMX pounds as reported in the Municipal Assembly Meeting. This amount has not been increased or increased as it has been imposed in some media.
In this process, our Municipal Assembly 1 made a decision on the date of August 2013 and with this decision, it has foreseen that the trains and wagons should be leased for 10 year and operated as cafeteria. The estimated cost of the work in question is 360 thousand TL. The Assembly has taken this decision not only for exhibition purposes but also for the multifunctional service of the locals.
In this context, on 25 September 2013, the tender was held for the open tender, repair and maintenance of the wagons. Ada-Ray Ticaret ve Limited Şirketi, located in Adapazarı, won the tender. Approval date of the tender, which is 368 thousand 250 TL, is 11 October 2013. This tender covers the entire transportation, tareverst - rail flooring and maintenance, repair, painting processes of the wagons.
All this process and process has been made public! All data and figures can be viewed and viewed at any time. Furthermore, transportation, maintenance and repair costs of locomotives and wagons will be covered by the method of operation by renting. It is clear that Bolu Municipality has not suffered any damages due to this service.
One point we would like to remind in this process is also related to our understanding of municipality. As understood from the projects of Bolu Municipality so far, the municipality does not see the service of service as a mere 'pavement'.
With the understanding of social and participatory municipalism, the introduction and the facts of our mayor, who introduced Bolu to many ç firsts olu, is a concept of 'shallow opposition'!
We would like to emphasize and emphasize once again that the presentation of the facts described as 'lies' will not benefit the people of Bolu, as the services produced to the Bolu people will be condemned to the 'shallow opposition conception'. As Bolu Municipality, we believe that it is our neck's duty to provide such services to the people of Bolu as well as basic municipal services.
We believe that the Bolu people will make the m best appraisal and evaluation 'about those who make claims with. Amyane phrases'.
We will continue to produce for Bolu and develop projects for Bolu.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 21:35

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