Governor War has traveled to history in TRT Museum Wagon

Governor War TRT Museum made the trip to date in Wagon: Manisa Governor Abdurrahman War, Turkey Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) in the framework of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the General Directorate "TRT Publishing and History Museum 'as prepared' TRT Museum made the trip to date by visiting the wagon .
TRT Izmir Regional Director Muharrem Acar visited him in Manisa Station. Governor Savaş visited the museum wagon and TCDD 3 Deputy Director Muhsin Keçe was accompanied by Deputy Director of TCDD. Suat Yüksel guided the museum wagon by the Governor War, the visit to the Museum Vagon Visiting Book wrote feelings.
Expressing the happiness of celebrating the establishment of TRT Foundation together with the 50 anniversary, Governor Savaş said,. This valuable institution which has performed many functions alone for many years, such as enlightening, informing the Turkish society, helping the transfer of social values ​​between generations and entertaining, is an example to other broadcasting organizations with its ability to broadcast without compromising the principles. I would like to thank to those who have contributed to reach today with the wish to reach the successful years. We are pleased to welcome TRT Museum Wagon in Manisa. Another good idea is to make this process happen to the Manisans. Thank you for that, Bun he said.
At the end of the visit, Governor Savaş visited Celal Bayar University Kula Vocational High School Public Relations Department with the students of Celal Bayar University Kula Vocational School Public Relations Department accompanied by Photography Teacher Veli Bozkaya to visit the TRT Museum Wagon for a while. sohbet and took a photo in memory of the day.
TRT Museum Wagon; Turkey's first radio broadcast of examples of technological developments in the field of publishing since the start of the 1927 contains. 1935 objects, including microphones, cameras, audio and video devices from the 100, are on display in an interactive application, including Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's first microphone. The image and sound of the 200 selected from the TRT archives can be watched and listened to.
The radio and television studios in the wagon are the first examples of the virtual studio application that is used today.
In the framework of the protocol with TCDD 31 January 2014 The museum which passed from Ankara Railway Station to Izmir and then to Denizli on Friday, 3. Manisa people met with the visitors at the Manisa Station, the stop of which was a great interest.
The journey of the TRT Museum Wagon to 20 will continue until May.




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