Üsküdar Square Arrangement and Üsküdar Metro Station (Video)

Üsküdar Square Arrangement and Üsküdar Metro Station: Üsküdar Square Arrangement Providing the solution of the existing transportation problems in Üsküdar Square and its surroundings.
As Üsküdar Square is the first Turkish settlement in Istanbul, transforming it into a city part that will emphasize this feature and increase its position and value in Istanbul.
Developing a design concept that can reintegrate the lost and damaged spatial values ​​of Üsküdar into today's life.
Rumi Mehmet Pasha Mosque, Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Yeni Valide Mosque and İmareti, Aziz Mahmut Hüdayi Complex, Şemsi Pasha Külliyesi.
To highlight the cultural richness of the religious and social structures in Üsküdar Square and its surroundings.
To transform Üsküdar square, which is an important center for Istanbul, into a place with modern city standards, freed from the negative effects of vehicle traffic.
Supporting the cultural, social and commercial features of the square with new programs created in Üsküdar Square.
With the implementation of these implementation projects as soon as possible, the relationship and harmonious cohesion of historical areas and new areas will be ensured, and basic objectives such as ensuring integration and continuity between the transportation system and its types, ensuring integration in public transport and optimum access in pedestrian-vehicle relationship will be achieved. and the confusion Üsküdar Square is experiencing today will be resolved.
Underground Market
Exhibition Hall
Shopping Units
2 Piece Ground Floor Parking Lot
488 Vehicle
1349 Vehicle
Urban Memory Museum
Craft Workshops Sales Units
Üsküdar Metro Stations: One of the most well-established districts of Istanbul, Üsküdar. Maiden's Tower, mosques, fountains and madrasas with many novels, poems and films have been the subject of a historic district.
At the same time, Üsküdar, which served as the pier of the transition from Anatolia to Europe, will play an important role in the transportation investments and new transportation. Let us now take a closer look at these investments. When will Üsküdar metro be opened, what will be the route of Üsküdar metro? Let's see it all together hep
Üsküdar Sancaktepe will be in 26 minutes
The metro to Üsküdar is coming in 2015. The Üsküdar-Sancaktepe metro line will consist of 20 stations on the 16 mile line. When the project is completed, a passenger passing from Üsküdar will be able to reach the Sancaktepe by passing the 26 station in a total of 16 minutes. Üsküdar-Sancaktepe metro stops will be as follows;
• Üsküdar
• Pistachio
• Bağlarbaşı
• Altunizade
• Short
• Burgurlu
• Ümraniye
• Bazaar
• Yamanevler
• Lighter
• Ihlamurkuyu
• Altinsehir
• Imam Hatip High School
• Dudullu
• Necip Fazıl
• Çekmeköy / Sancaktepe



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