Countdown to Uludağa Cable Car Expeditions (Video)

Countdown has started for Uludag ropeway expeditions: Mayor Recep Altepe said that the renewal works will be started in March.

Chairman Altepe, Uludag, the cable car station in the Sarıalan region and examined the line work. Mayor Altepe stated that the activities in Bursa are accessible and accessible to the sea, land and air, and that one of them is a ropeway project. The aim of this project is to shorten the access to Uludağ in winter and summer, to shorten the access to Uludağ in winter and summer and to make the world's favorite tourist center free from rubber wheeled vehicles. recalled that they came. Presently, the building of the station in Uludag, where the cabins are to be completed, the completion of the building's recent shortcomings are eliminated President Altepe, alan The assembly process is about to end. With the ground arrangements, the system will be ready for use after 2013 days. The 20 wagon will begin to turn for passengers, X he said.

He also said that Bursa and Uludağ will land in 12 minutes and that a car will be carrying passengers every second. He said that Bursa tourism will be affected positively because the circulation will be intense. Altepe President, beklen Now the cable car will not be waiting for hours as before. Our friends and guests will have the opportunity to reach Uludağ in minutes. Rubber wheeled vehicles will not be pollution and mess will not happen. Tourism will come alive. For Bursa our people get auspicious auspicious, Bursa he said.

President Altepe, 2013 in the framework of the efforts to renew the ropeway within the framework of the work, the line between Teferrüç Station and Sarıalan completely modernized said. Altepe stressed that all the stations were demolished and renewed from the ground up with their poles.