Uludağ It is good to get the cable car to the city center, but the place is also important

Uludag Cable Car descent into the city center is good, but the location is important: We all agree merkez The highway is more preferred to go to Uludag. Because the ropeway system used to date, Uludağ could not take its passengers to its destination, the Hotel area.
It is not an easy way for drivers who do not know the features of the narrow and winding mountain road. As a matter of fact, the road is closed during the winter months due to the sliding vehicles are closed for hours and waiting for the victims.
The road is old and the covering is also a complete disaster because the journey is a big nuisance.
Now, the tender has been made to renew the road, but it is useful to remind you will not expand.
Besides the…
The ropeway system is also refreshing. Although the work has stopped at Sarıalan with a court decision, it is another problem to reach the ropeway starting station even though this issue will be resolved in some way. The city is on a narrow street and can be reached in heavy traffic.
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For those coming from outside of Bursa, the cable car is no longer attractive.
Considering this situation, Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe announced that the ropeway would be lowered to the city center during the week and showed its place:
Bursaray Gokdere Station.
We agree:
The right decision to take the ropeway starting station to a place with easy access in the city center.
So what…
That starting point needs to be determined well.
For example…
In the period of Hikmet Şahin, the first project for the renovation of the cable car was being prepared, and today it was planned to bring down the old Hal area.
But it was not easy to reach the cable car line.
A similar situation may be valid for Bursaray Gökdere Station,
However Bun
The use of the same site for both the Bursaray and the cable car station may also cause other problems. There is also a parking space for those who will leave the vehicle near the station.
That's why…
Although it is the right decision to download the cable car to the city center, it should be emphasized that the location should be chosen well.

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