Rising tracks between TÜPRAŞ Batman Refinery and DDY Station

TÜPRAŞ Batman Refinery is renewing the rails between DDY railway station: TÜPRAŞ Batman Refinery is renewing the 3 kilometer old rail route covering the distance between filling facilities and DGY.
The Batman Refinery has been supported by the Batman Refinery in order to renovate the rails at the DDY station. The TPRAŞ Batman Refinery officials stated that the old rail route of 3, which covers the garage and refinery filling facilities, will be completely renewed. Y Upgrading of the old rails from the filling facilities to the intersection of the DDY station has started. In two months, the rails will all be eaten. The rails laid in the 1940 will be renovated for the first time.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 21:41

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