Welder Certificates were Supplied in Tudemsas

Welder Certificates were given to Tüdemsaş: 173 workers who were studying at TÜDEMSAŞ Resource Education and Technologies Center were given a welder certificate.
105 worker personnel from 173, who received practical and theoretical courses related to electric arc welding methods at TUDEMSAS Resource Education and Technologies Center, were given TS EN 287-1 welder certificate.
Speaking at the certificate ceremony, TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager and Chairman of the Board Yıldıray Koçarslan said, “Our trainers, who are experts in welding, shared their experiences with you in the trainings you have received. Right to obtain a welder's certificate valid all over the world. kazanyou were I congratulate you. I believe that you will make a more productive contribution to our company in the light of these documents you will receive. Together, we will carry TÜDEMSAŞ to the highest levels in the field of freight wagon and repair. We also have very big projects for Sivas. We are working to create an organized railway industry in Sivas and the biggest assurance of this industry will be you, our certified workers. As the management, we closely follow the developments in the railway sector. We believe that it will be difficult for companies that do not keep up with the changes to survive. We invest in people through different trainings we provide to our employees. We think we've put a gold bracelet on your arm with these tutorials. Congratulations on your certificates.
Gedik Holding CEO Mustafa Koçak said in his speech that he believes TÜDEMSAŞ will feel the value added to its employees as soon as possible and that the welding wagon will come to the best spots as a company in the manufacturing sector.
After the speeches, the right to receive the TS EN 287-1 Welder Certificate issued by TÜDEMSAŞ kazanAt the moment, the documents were given to the worker personnel.

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