Traffic is relieved by underground projects in Eskişehir

Traffic is relieved with Underground projects in Eskişehir: BBP Metropolitan candidate Hüseyin İşgören and Odunpazarı candidate Hasan Tahsin Bayraker came together at the press meeting breakfast. Stating that the priority of Eskişehir is parking and transportation, Işgören said, “Six of the large intersections can be considered as parking lots. Working underground is not difficult. "When the light rail system started, the underground system should have started," he said.
BBP Metropolitan and Odunpazarı presidential candidates met with press members at a hotel breakfast. BBP Provincial Chairman Ahmet Ulupınar, BBP Metropolitan candidate Hüseyin İşgören, Odunpazarı candidate Hasan Tahsin Bayraker and important figures from the administration of the party participated in the meeting. The candidates were introduced to the region by the candidates, and the first mention was made by Hüseyin İşgören.
Speaking about the traffic problem, İşgören said, “When the rail systems started, they started with a daily capacity of 90 thousand people. Rail systems were necessary for Eskişehir, we were there when this project was prepared, but Eskişehir at that time and Eskişehir today are very different. When the system started, it was arranged with 90 thousand people per day, the professors who carried out the project said that around 88 thousand passengers got on and off on all lines, it is not enough now, additions are being made. The underground system should now start in Eskişehir. We have a project that passes through the center of the city in the southeast and northwest, starting from Sultandere, we can expand it to Batıkent and then to Keskin. "It can be said that the ground water level is about this issue, but it is not difficult to work under the ground in Eskişehir anymore."

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