The Problem Of The Cone Is Not The Tram

The Problem of the Cone Not the Tram: The tram has always been a topic of discussion in Konya since the construction phase. In fact, most of these debates are due to the fact that the citizen of Konya is unaware of the discontent.
Now, the new trams received a loss due to the increase in the dollar has been the subject of damage.
As it is known, I am not a pro-government journalist. But even my hearts do not agree to such a sudden, untruthful detachment of a politician.
As far as I know, Tahir Akyürek, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, was not a fan of changing the trams and taking new trams. It was considering that the existing trams should be revised and used for a while and that there should be a solution like Bu metro Bu.
However, as a result of the demand of the public and the public in Konya, new trams had to be taken.
I don't know the problem on the tramway.
The problem is: Tram travel from campus to Alaaddin takes around 1 hours. This time needs to be shortened bu But this is not about the speed of the tram. This is something about tram stops Bu
So if you bring the fastest tram in the world, it will stop at the same stops and at the same red lights getir So the same going time will not change.
While this is the case and the cost of one of the trams is about 3 million Tl, Konyalı, who speaks every opportunity to get these trams, should settle for any kind of trouble.
The mayor, as the representative of this city, will, of course, fulfill the wishes of the citizen. In other words, it is unthinkable for Konyalı to fall in love with the tram and not to negotiate the trams and not to buy new trams.
In other words, people who try to wear down Mayor Tahir Akyürek because of this issue should not bother. If this is the error, it is entirely the fault of the Cone.
President Akyürek, however, was not interested in developing the refrigeration systems of the old trams and providing a revision of these trams and also for putting Konya in an additional cost.
As people living in Konya, we have to think more carefully and more carefully. In other words, it is not the case that the people who serve Konya are ağ from different parties de or ere from our party iden to take to the heavens and not to make meaningful and useful benefits in local governments.
Other management issues are separate, but the tram has been requested by Konyalın. If there is a damage here, this damage is the Conquest itself.

Erhan DARGEÇİT / Columnist

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