The Joy of Rail System in Beyazşehir and İldem

The Joy of Rail System in Beyazşehir and İldem: The Beyazşehir-Ildem Rail System, which was put into service last week with the ceremony organized by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri, created great satisfaction for the citizens living in the region.
Citizens traveling on the 10-kilometer-long Beyazşehir-Ildem Rail System line, which started their voyages with the first ride of Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki, drew attention to the fact that the rail system, which brings speed, comfort and aesthetics to public transportation, provides great convenience for them. Stating that they can go to the city center or the Organized Industrial Zone with a single ticket by getting on the Ildem, the citizens thanked the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki for this opportunity.
With the commissioning of the 10-kilometer Beyazşehir-Ildem Rail System line, Kayseray has reached a total length of 27 kilometers, and citizens enjoy the convenience of transportation from Ildem to the Organized Industrial Zone with a single ticket. On the Ildem-OSB rail system line, which has 43 stops in total, trips are organized at certain intervals from 06.00 in the morning to 24.00 at night. Passenger density in the morning and evening
increasing the number of voyages during the growing hours are met and the public transportation problems are avoided.
On the other hand, Sivas Caddesi-Erciyes University line, which has been completed within the scope of the rail system 3rd stage works, will be put into service with a ceremony to be held on February 15. Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki, who made an evaluation on the subject, stated that they will continue to build the city with the rail system network and said, “In 2009, we introduced the Eastern Garage-OSB line to our city with the rail system. After this line, which is a milestone in public transportation, we started to work on the lines of Beyazşehir-Ildem in the 2nd stage and Sivas Caddesi-Erciyes University in the 3rd stage, and we completed it in a short time and made it ready for passenger transportation. Following the Beyazşehir-Ildem line, which was put into service on February 1, we will open a 15-kilometer line connecting Sivas Street to Erciyes University on February 4. Thus, the length of the rail system in the city will increase to 31 kilometers. After these, we will start the University-Talas-Anayurt and Belsin-Otogar-Nuhnaci Yazgan University lines and weave the city step by step with the rail system network. We make a total investment of 800 million lira for both infrastructure and rail laying and vehicles. This is a very high number for a municipality, and we can easily stand up to this and enjoy the peace of transporting our citizens with the modern transportation system, the rail system. " said.

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