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TCDD Announces News on Eğrinir Railway Station in the Press: In the last days, news about Eğirdir (Isparta) garage in some of the broadcasting organs were examined and it was considered necessary to make the following statement.
The 24 km Isparta-Eğirdir line used for passenger and cargo transportation has been shut down since 19.08.2002 has lost its operability and the Eğirdir station has become idle.
239 Island 11 Parcel, 239 Island 9 Parcel, 415 Island 2,3,6,7 with Xnumx Island 15, which includes the Eğirdir Gar building and 15.05.2009 (9) 69 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX was reported to the Privatization Administration for consideration.
The parcels in question were included in the scope and program of privatization with the Decision of the Privatization High Council dated 12.09.2011 and numbered 2011/81, and all transactions are carried out by the Privatization Administration. Therefore, our Institution does not have any knowledge and savings on the zoning plans of the area and what to do.
On the other hand, 100 Island 415 and 2,3 parcels stated in the news under the heading "They will build 15-year-old Gara apartment buildings" have no relation with 239 Island 11 parcels that contain the Eğirdir Station. The parcels in question are located 150 m south east of the Gar building.
In addition, sales auction for 1605.38 parcels of total 2 m5 in the surrounding area was made. The evaluations related to the area where the Gar site is located still continue by the Privatization Administration and no decision has been taken.
On the other hand, Eğirdir Gar in the area is a registered cultural asset and is covered by protection. Savings related to the evaluation of the station building require the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Regional Council for the Conservation of Cultural and Natural Property.
It will be publicly honored.


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