Special trains for women in Japan

Women-specific trains in Japan: In Japan, some vehicles or some compartments of vehicles on the subway and train lines are offered to women only.
Turkey at some hours in private transportation vehicles subject to the ladies due to very intense public transport in many big cities, especially Istanbul frequently debated. However, in many developed countries, especially Japan, this practice has been practiced for years.

In Japan, there are compartments that only women can use on trains and subways. These pink and white subways are used only by spruce. In some vehicles, all compartments are allocated to women, while in others, certain compartments are only available to women.

Saadet Party Istanbul Provincial Directorate launched a campaign last year to allocate one of every four metrobuses to women only and many signatures were collected. The party called the application 'Pink Metrobus'. The campaign, which attracted the reaction of the fanatic secular section in particular, did not reach a result. Felicity Party, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Candidate Candidate Selman Esmerer promises that he will implement the pink metrobus application if he is elected.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 22:28

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