Sochi: Countdown has begun at the Winter Olympics in the tropical climate

Sochi: The countdown has begun in the Olympic Winter Olympics. The national skier Tuğba Kocağa, who spoke to the Voice of Russia, told the Turkish athletes how they live in Sochi, their performance and their impressions about the Olympic organization.

22 held in Sochi, Russia. Winter Olympic Games continues. Final stages of the participating countries will be determined in the medal rankings and the final stages of the most fierce struggle among the athletes have been reached. The 7 individual medal set, which will be distributed today in the disciplines of freestyle, curling, biathlon, ski and short track speed skating, will find its owners.

A Turkish athlete will compete in the women's slalom race at the Roza Hutor Ski Center. Tuğba Kocağa, who spoke to Russia's Voice Radio between the intensive training and competition program, explained how Turkish athletes live in Sochi, their performance and their impressions about the Olympic organization:

Im First I have to say that the opening ceremony is very beautiful. The host Russia, in this ceremony, had completely committed its own culture. In other words, they explained the ancient kingdoms and their later historical periods on their lands. The shows were really good. To tell the truth, we were once again fascinated by all the people who took part in watching the shows later on television. I remember now that we have seen a Turkish group of 10-15 people supporting us with flags at the opening ceremony. Thank you for coming to them and for supporting us. I had a race on the 18. I competed, but not well. I got 90 from the 73 athlete, but he wasn't bad either. 21 On the evening of February I agree with the 16 backing number for the slalom race at 45: 78. I can get a better result tomorrow because I'm better at slalom. Sochi Olympics is the second Olympic event I attended. They made the runways and training areas in the mountains very beautiful. The place where we stayed was very good. We have no problems at all. The organization is at the top level and everything is going nice. From where we live to the stadium we are very comfortable. We take the special service vehicles that are allocated to the athletes, so our way only takes 10 minutes.

We'il have an empty day after closing. Then we are going to Sochi city center. But we could go down to Adler. And on my listening day, I could go to Krasnaya Polyana. The atmosphere there is also very nice.

There are many Russians in the races. Of course, their countries more applause, always "Russia, Russia!" This caught my eye. I have friends I met in Sochi before. We're all together. We also have new friends, of course. There are also from Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Ukraine and Georgia. We are staying in the same village with champion athletes who have achieved great successes before. We had a chance to see them too Onları.

Men's alpine skiers branches in Turkey representing national Emre Simsek also participate in competitions spoke about the expectations and training activities, which devotes a large part of his time in Sochi:

'' The visual shows at the opening ceremony were very well done. But we didn't see it at first. Because we were waiting for a walk inside. Afterwards, I couldn't find the opportunity to watch it completely, but in the section we were here, after walking, they told the history of Russia and how Russia came to the present. I think it's a great opening ceremony.

This is my first Olympics. I agree with such an organization for the first time. I had a race yesterday. Great slalom contest yarış I fell during the first landing. I've just had a downturn. It wasn't a big shock. I mean, my first race wasn't very good. I have another race on the 22. Slalom iy I'm better at it. I hope I get a better result.

We can't see much, because we don't have time. We have practice every day. With Tuğba, we only had a chance to see Adler. Once we had a quick commute to the main street, then we had to come back to the Olympic village and back to the hotel. For example, I competed yesterday. Today, I am resting, but again we go to the evening training and we're training again. Apart from them, we also run out on the runway every day yapıy.

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