Snow shortage in Karacadağ Ski Center

Snow shortage in Karacadağ Ski Center: Karacadağ is the only ski resort in the Southeastern Anatolia Region.

Located at the 45 kilometer from Siverek district center, the Karacadag Ski Center with an altitude of 1919, known as the 'Uludağı of the Southeast', is seen as a place of land due to the drought in recent weeks.

In general, ski enthusiasts from the provinces show interest in the center of the snow shortage of skiers, as well as the operator is upset.

Ski resort operator Orhan Atilla said the citizens could not ski due to lack of snow in the last week.

In recent days, falling snowfall in Karacadağ 70 centimeter reached and skiers showed interest in the center, Atilla, but the snow has not been snowing for a long time, especially in the snow, the skiers are experiencing this shortage, he said.