Skiing and Picnic Enjoyment of Young People in Karacadağ Ski Center

📩 24/11/2018 13:13

Skiing and Picnic Pleasure of Young People at Karacadağ Ski Center: A one-day trip was organized by Şanlıurfa Youth Center to Karacadağ Ski Center for young people to relieve stress during the semester break.

Sanliurfa Youth Center employees, trainees and volunteers, including the 35 gene participated in, Karacadağ'da skiing, drums-zurna accompanied by halay on the snow was noted. In the scope of the trip for a picnic in Siverek National Park is given a break and food is eaten, young people were expressed by their hearts.

Şanlıurfa Youth Center Director İbrahim Halil Alp said that it is a fun and useful trip for young people to relax during school breaks. Alp said, ağ Most of our youngsters have seen Karacadağ for the first time thanks to this trip. They found the opportunity to ski there, a warm environment despite the cold hands were provided, as well as the drums that were accompanied by the drum joined the public. Finally, in the Siverek national park, cakes and meals were all eaten together. It makes them happy to offer these opportunities to young people and to gather them together in the meantime. They are filled with positive energy against their fatigue. This positive energy positively affects their social lives. Y

Sanliurfa Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director of the Office of Murat Onen, youth centers for the holiday breaks offered by young people is very meaningful. Önen said, ından It has been beneficial in terms of showing the tourist places of our region to young people and also having fun times for young people. In this way, we focus more on young people's attention to youth centers daha.