Skier Army Worm

Skiers Army Worm: ERZURUM central Yakutia Mayor Ali Korkut AK Party, ski club is a first in Turkey founded and the number of children who are learning to ski took 3 years to 1500. Mayor Ali Korkut, who explained that the students participating in the ski club cover the expenses of clothing, materials and transportation, said that they will not leave children who do not know how to ski in Erzurum, which has become a winter sports center.

The closing ceremony of the skiing course, which was organized for the third time this year by Yakutiye Municipality, started with the magnificent show of the students accompanied by Turkish flags at the altitude of 2 at the Palandöken Ski Center, and ended with a certificate ceremony and cocktail. The municipality meets everything from ski equipment to transportation and food of 400 students who learn to slip as a result of the lesson given by 13 ski teachers during the semester break.

Stating that they showed the ski national team to the 500 thousand students that they brought to the ski club of the municipality, President Ali Korkut reminded that they had built a Winter Sports Center in Rabia Park, which they had built for 3 million liras last week. Emphasizing that they are interested not only in skiing but in all branches of sports, Ali Korkut said, “As Yakutiye, we have always been a municipality that made the firsts. This is a record. Our aim is to encourage children who are our future to sports and not to leave children who do not know how to ski in Erzurum, which has become a winter sports center. With the ceremony that we held for the third time, we increased our number to 300 by adding 1500 more students to our club. Now we will teach skiing to 50 students who are not from Erzurum but study at the university. Thus, when university students graduate and leave Erzurum, they would not break their ties with the city. ”