Sivas-Çetinkaya-Malatya High Speed ​​Train Project On The Road

Sivas-Çetinkaya-Malatya High Speed ​​Train Project On The Road: It was decided to make the tender in the 2014 High Speed ​​Train Project between Sivas and Çetinkaya-Malatya.
Türk-İş City Representative and Demiryol-İş Trade Union Branch President Nurettin Öndeş, Transport Officer-Sen Branch President Mustafa Adak, Turkish Transportation Branch President Yusuf Kayan, Unions Transport Union Branch President Kasım Otur, DEMARD Branch President Ahmet Gümüştepe, DEKARD Branch President Fethi Harman and Railway Vocational High School Alumni Association President Erol Sakar made a joint press release.
Nurettin Öndeş, Turkish-İş Provincial Representative and Demiryol-İş Union Branch President, said, ün When the restructuring works were carried out, our district Trunk Service Directorate Adana 6 was connected to the region and transformed into the Warehouse Management of the Malatya Loco Maintenance Workshop Directorate and transferred to Adana 6. Connection to the region has come to the agenda. It is obvious that the Road Directorate and other Service Directorates will face the same fate in the context of the restructuring. As a result of these developments and savings, the 5. Connecting to the region has taken its place in the agenda. Therefore, due to the agenda Malatya 6. Continuing its activities in the Regional Directorate of the Directorate of Rail-Work Union-Transport Officer-Sen-Turkish Transportation-Sen-Union Transport Union, DEMARD, DEKARD and all non-governmental organizations chairman and managers 5 February 4 date on the subject by evaluating the developments related to this issue AK Party Member of Parliament and Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mr. Ömer Faruk ÖZ. Trade Unions and Associations Branches prepared for the presentation of the file to Ankara T, BMM Malatya-Elazig-Diyarbakir-Batman-Mus-Van province of the railroads together with non-governmental organizations were decided to go Send said.
In the description of the predecessor, the following statements appeared:
M However, in February 6 Malatya AK Party deputies Ömer Faruk Öz and Malatya AK party deputy Mücahit Fındıklı TCDD Company General Manager Süleyman KARAMAN and other officials were informed that the following decisions were taken as a result of the interviews. Connection of 1-Malatya 5. Area Trolley Service Department to Adana 6 Zone and the conversion of Malatya Loko Bakam Workshop Department to Warehouse Management has been stopped. 2. Previously Logistics centers conducted as part of the provinces of Istanbul, Izmit, Eskişehir, Kayseri, Istanbul, Samsun, Balikesir, Erzurum, Istanbul, Konya, Birecik, Mersin, Sivas, Maraş, Kars, Mardin, Turkey in scope to be of Malatya Province in TCDD Logistics Centers will be established in the General Logistics centers It was decided to establish. 3.Sivas-Çetinkaya-Malatya High Speed ​​Train Project 2014 was decided to make the tender. Malatya Deputies Omar Faruk and Mücahit Fındıklı, and Malatya MPs who did not leave us alone in our problems and problems until today, due to their efforts and efforts regarding the above mentioned issues, Adıyaman, Elazığ, Bingöl, Muş, Van, Siirt, Batman, Diyarbakır, Bitlis. We would like to express our gratitude and respect to our MPs and non-governmental organizations on behalf of the Workers and civil servants working in the Unions and Associations and Railways organized in the Railways.


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