Sarıyerliler Met After Tap And Tunnel And Tunnel

Sarıyerliler met after the Metro and Tunnel: The Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbas, Sarıyer'da distributing new, introduced the introduction of new buses.
Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, participated in the ceremony of distribution of PTT Houses in Sarıyer. Ceremony in the ceremony held at the Çayırbaşı Nursery, the President showed love for Topbas. Kadir Topbas, who speaks to the enthusiastic crowd and his speech is often interrupted with the slogan a Istanbul is proud of you baş, said that past administrations had come to the present day because they did not guide citizens coming to Istanbul for work and migration. Mayor Topbaş emphasized that Istanbul was developed without any plan and that they had the opportunity to solve the problems. İstanbul As IMM, we invested 60 billion in Istanbul and 1 billion 809 billion in Sarıyer. We cover Istanbul with metro networks. No rounds of intersection and new roads. Sarıyer-Çayırbaşı Highway Tunnel is how you relieved the traffic. We didn't say anything we wouldn't stop behind. We know the honor, Söz he said.
Topbaş who expressed the happiness of reaching Sarıyer by the title deed, said:
Uz We promised, we are fulfilling our promise. We're not making promises. We have previously deed in Poligon, Ferahevler and Maden. Now we are giving title deed in Çayırbaşı, Yeniköy, PTT Houses. In the first place, the citizens of 6 will receive the title. Bureaucracy works slowly, but it will come. Our word never stays on the ground. We will not leave any problem that reaches us. Today we are starting to distribute the deeds. He was constantly delayed in the proceedings. Judging by making legal arrangements, we started today. Sedat Özsoy President will bring the remaining deed problems to us and we will solve them. Geri
In the ongoing urban transformation project in Derbent, Topbaş said that the neighborhood will have a modern face and that the new home of the 500 citizen will have new homes. Ağ They are trying to do their best to make this work unsuccessful. The lower floors are getting narrow. Now we have the lower floors in the same square with the upper floors. Whoever says what, to serve, to eliminate the deficiencies is our job, "he said.
Topbas said that they will transform the Belgrade Forests into Emirgan Grove and will be a place where they will spend their time with sports and activity areas. Ecek Would you imagine the future of Metron to Hacıosman? We are working on downloading this subway to Çayırbaşı. Again, we are thinking of a metro project from Besiktas coast to Sariyer. Because the coastal road no longer attracts density, Çünkü he said.
Topbaş stated that they talked about the continuation of the Sarıyer Tunnel at the meeting with the bureaucrats and said, We talked to Demirciköy and Zekeriyaköy on the way to the tunnel. We are designing a subway from Ayazaga Köyiçi to İstinye. We will start the test drive by downloading the wagons of Etiler Hisarustu Metro. We will also provide access to the cable car to the coast of Asiyan from Hisarüstü. Hisar
Topbas reminded that Istanbulites had been forced to travel in bad conditions with the former Icarus for many years.
Ik We have now brought modern, smart buses. Buses on the internet, the possibility of charging, even some of the bike apparatus available. We have planned a thousand 50 kilometer cycling route in Istanbul. Serving our citizens is our greatest pride. BAT models as Chairman of our services to municipalities in Istanbul in Turkey, as we convey to the President of UCLG world council. The world is watching Istanbul, I am telling it clearly. '
BEL We will plant the flag of SARIYER MUNICIPALITY BEL
AK Party Sarıyer Mayor candidate Sedat Özsoy, 30 on the morning of the Sariyer Municipality of the signs of the flag of the AK Party said to sew. Ozsoy, indicating that the CHP can not add value to the city for years, ere late lists, they apply to enter the election everywhere, when the decision is made to celebrate with the fireworks on the beach. We want the CHP to enter the election. They promised you deed, but did not keep their promises, Siz he said.

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