The Journey to the Nature of Sarıkamış

A Journey to the Nature of Sarıkamış Project Has Been Launched: The project titled “Journey to the Nature of Sarıkamış”, which was implemented jointly by the District Governorship of Sarıkamış District of Kars, and the Directorate of National Education, has been implemented. The 300 girls, whose financial situation is not good, started their journey to nature at the Cıbıltepe Ski Center. The project, which was launched at the Cıbıltepe Ski Center, organized a safari with snow engines for the first group of girls.

Pine forests in 5 kilometers student browsing with snow engine on the course, then the sled and ski by chairlift tour attı.sarıka was Governor Muhammad Robust, Sarikamish said in a statement to reporters, Turkey's most beautiful ski resorts that has one of the belirtti.gürbüz, Sarikamis and especially the children of this said that they can not enjoy the possibility of benefiting from the beauty of economic reasons. Children living in this region, as well as clubs, skiing, sled and other social and sportive activities to benefit from the district, District Governorate of the Ministry of Education who expressed great effort to express their efforts. Muhammed Gürbüz, bayan In the framework of our project with our National Education Directorate, you know that our girls are the most disadvantaged group especially in these regions.

We brought our girls together with our teachers to benefit from these beauties and bring them here to benefit. Now they're having fun, they'll be more motivated to their lessons, they're going to get more taste from their lives. We will spread these projects. We aim to spread it to all our village schools. This was a beginning, after that will continue to increase. Kayak Within the scope of the project Zeynep Avcı Zeynep Avci, who came to the ski center, said that they had fun riding the ski, toboggan and snow engines for the first time. Ceylan Karataş thanked the Governor and the Directorate of National Education for providing such facilities. Within the scope of the project, the organization of safari within the forest with ski, sled and snow engines will continue at Cıbıltepe Ski Center every weekday for 300 students.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:17

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