Sarıgül Criticizes the Cable Car Project in Istanbul

Sarıgül criticized the cable car project for the Istanbul Strait: CHP Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor candidate Mustafa Sarigul criticized the cable car line planned for the Bosphorus and said, Büyük The ropeway may be for tourist purposes but the ropeway will not solve the transportation problem. There is no point in piling up more passengers here. Buraya

Mustafa Sarigul, Gayrettepe hundreds of parties waiting for him walked to Besiktas. Mustafa Sarıgül was supported with the slogans of Sarı Beşiktaş is our arş, Sarı İstanbul is our di, kut Çare Sarıgül ı with drums and zurnes along the way.

Besiktas "steep stand against injustice" gathered under the name of the enthusiastic crowd with the Mayor of the CHP Besiktas Mayor Murat Hazinedar, calling out Sarigul, "I congratulate Besiktas Carsi. Besiktas in our minds of freedom, democracy, the bazaar is coming. Besiktas really wrote a history of the Bazaar. Bazaar Besiktas did not go with the strong, was with the right. That's why I congratulate Bazaar. I commemorate 7 who lost his life here on Gezi Day.
Mustafa Sargul said, S Mustafa Kemal was a soldier. He was first commanded by the Turkish Land Forces and served as the first Army commander. This 10 has worked with the AK Party government in the year. His mission's over. 10 years served. 10 couldn't find anything in a year. Dismissal of Chief of General Staff Ilker Basbug Pasha and leaves the Republic of Turkey were arrested. The general manager is 4 and a half billion dollars from the boxes, çıkan he said.

Mustafa Sarigul, who criticized the cable car line to be built on the Bosphorus, said, ın Mr. Topbaş is giving good heralds. Thanks again, he gave me good news. They're gonna make a ropeway to the Bosphorus. So who did you ask? Have you asked scientists, environmentalists? We're faced with the logic of 'I've done it again.' Past events are not taken lessons. I would like to ask Mr. Topbaş. Is there a ropeway in the transport plan? No! So, can the ski lift solve the transportation problem? No! The cable car can be for tourist purposes. There are ski lifts in ski resorts. For example, Bursa Uludag. There are ropeways in the valley passes. For example, there is also the Maçka Hilton in Istanbul. But cable car transportation is not a resort. Passenger capacity is limited. First plant and operating costs are high. Also the route of the proposed ropeway is incorrect. Mecidiyeköy is already a cramped area. There's no point in piling up more passengers here. The ropeway is not where the dense settlement is. God forbid, what happens if there's a fire or a fire. When we come to management, we will definitely evaluate this project with related parties,.

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