New bus routes to Sancaktepeye

New bus lines to Sancaktepe: As a result of the negotiations between Sancaktepe Municipality and the General Directorate of IETT, the “Newborn-Altunizade Metrobus departure” line with the 11 flight code and the “Sultanbeyli-Üsküdar” departure with the 11 base flight code were added to Sancaktepe.
With the intensification of the urban settlement in Istanbul, the importance of transportation opportunities is increasing day by day. Depending on the socio-economic and political problems of our country which is in the process of development, our city; continuous migration from rural areas. This inevitable migration wave and population growth are increasing the city population every year. This causes problems in many areas and causes some difficulties in transportation. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality aims to minimize the problems with his work. Fast tram, IETT buses together with metrobus carry the weight of traffic.
Sancaktepe's distance to the city center is on top of the traffic problem. In order to minimize this problem, the new line of 2 was added to the bus lines during the meeting with IETT. Accordingly, the new line was formed between Sancaktepe and Üsküdar and Altunizade. From now on, with the 2 voyage-coded Yenidoğan-Altunizade Metrobüs outcrop line, the Sultanbeyli-Üsküdar expedition expedition with the 11Ü voyage expedition was presented to the public.
Sancaktepe Mayor İsmail Erdem who gave information about the new lines organized, bilgi Transportation, for human; both social and individual needs and necessities. Any process that requires people to come together inevitably requires transportation. İnsanlar Stating that time is very precious in Istanbul, where a fast and intensive traffic environment is experienced, President Erdem said, li In addition to the creation of new IETT lines for the Sancaktepeliler to reach the places they want to arrive in a short time and in a short time, we realized the improvement work on some lines together with IETT. With this study, we aim to make our people more comfortable and reach their jobs in a short time. Bu
Our President İsmail Erdem underlined that the number of 2009 new lines and 16 voyages have been added to the bus lines that serve Sancaktepe since 111 hat The number of public transport vehicles to Sancaktepe has increased by more than% 30, and the new line of 3 will be opened in a very short time. With the help of modern buses, our people will now have the opportunity to travel more comfortably with modern buses. ile



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