Samsun will be the Logistics Base of the Black Sea

Samsun Black Sea Logistics Base will be: Samsun Board of Directors with a two-day study trip to the two-day visit UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, with the advantages of the region's investments and investments in the Black Sea will become an important logistics base in Samsun, he said.
The Board of Directors of the International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association (UTİKAD) held its February meeting in Samsun under the chairmanship of Turgut Erkeskin. The UTIKAD delegation met with members of the logistics sector and regional officials before the meeting.
UTİKAD Chairman of the Board Turgut Erkeskin and members of the Board of Directors, Arif Badur, Costa Sandalcı, Aydın Dal, Kayıhan Özdemir Turan and General Manager Cavit Ugur Delegation, Samsun Transportation Regional Director Davut Aslanpayı and Central Black Sea Customs and Trade Region Director Serkan Işık also visited.
During the talks, the city, which is preparing to realize the 2023 billion dollar export target in 6 by using strong air, sea, highway connections and railway advantages, has been brought into prominence in the Black Sea Region and international trade.
In addition to the studies carried out in the region, Samsunport Samsun Uluslararası Liman İşletmeciliği A.Ş. hosted a logistics and information meeting with the participation of logistics companies. At the meeting, developments about the FIATA World Congress, which will be held in Istanbul in 2014, hosted by UTİKAD, were shared, and the evaluations regarding the transportation and logistics sector throughout the country and the world were also included.
Together with Samsunport, the representatives of the port of Yeşilyurt and Toros, UTİKAD Chairman of the Board Turgut Erkeskin and the members of the board of directors shared their views and opinions on the port investments in the region and the logistics future of Samsun.
With its broad hinterland and the increasing importance of the Black Sea coast, UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin stated that Samsun will become an important logistics base in the Black Sea with the advantages of the region and the investments made.
Erkeskin underlined that the importance of Samsun in the trade in the Black Sea region has increased and added: bir In particular, joint works with a large and developed Russian port such as Novorossisk will be carried out. Supporting the Mersin-Samsun railway connection with special prices will be implemented. It will become the logistics base of the Black Sea region. Karad
Drawing attention to the logistical advantages of Samsun in the Black Sea Region, Turgut Erkeskin emphasized that it will create important commercial opportunities for producers and exporters.
Iğ With the new investments in Samsun Port and the weekly service of 3 regular container lines, we have seen that investments in industrial production have started to come to Samsun. Our producers and exporters also take advantage of the logistics advantages of the region and take advantage of their investments in Samsun. Üretici
Despite the extremely high logistic capacity of the city in the description of some of the problems, including customs, which is also waiting for a solution UTIKAD President Erkeskin, said:
Var There are complaints about customs in Samsun. Reduction of the rate of red clearance in customs operations too. The lack of a customs unit at the airport causes a loss of time in the transactions and an increase in costs, as well as a large warehouse at the airport. This is a matter of low transaction volume. We can even say that this is Samsun's general problem. Although there are high ports and carrying capacities in the city, the existing capacities are not fully utilized since industrial production and related trade do not develop much. "
The Port of Samsun, the Port of Yeşilyurt and the Toros Agricultural Ports have contributed greatly to the logistical development of the city, UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin gave the following information about the ports: un Samsun port grain, bulk cargo, project cargo, containerized cargo, Ro-Ro and train-ferry services and offers a wide range of facilities for handling almost any kind of goods. The fact that the port has a railway connection is also an important feature in increasing the logistics capability. Samsun Port is an ideal example for evaluating the benefits of port privatization. Samsun airport is suitable for being an important air transport base with large storage facilities which are not yet used sufficiently.


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