Russia will get oil from Iran in exchange for railway construction

Russia will receive oil in return for the construction of the railway from Iran: Russia is preparing for an oil swap deal with Tehran, where a partial embargo due to its nuclear program has been implemented. Russian Economy Minister Aleksey Ulyukayev, who will go to Iran next month, will propose an oil purchase agreement in return for the construction of the railway.
Russian Ambassador to Tehran Levan Jagaryan said in a statement that Ulyukayev will make a visit to Iran on 21 March and the issue will be put on the table at the highest level. . The Russian economy minister will offer a swap deal to Iran to build a train for oil, Jag Jagaryan said.
Eden Iran and Russia have active relations in the political sphere, Jag said Jagaryan. This is effective in the development of economic relations. Or
The Moscow Times had stated that Russia is continuing its operations for the purchase of 500 thousand barrels of oil a day from Iran and that the monthly income of Tehran, which will purchase goods or services, will find 1,5 billion dollars.
Russia, which is involved in the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program, does not agree with the sanctions imposed outside the UN Security Council resolutions on Iran, unlike the US and the European Union.
The US and Europe imposed sanctions have reduced 18 million barrels daily by reducing Iranian oil exports by half in the last 1 month. Russia prepared to purchase 500 thousand barrels of oil a day, Iran's oil exports will increase the percentage of 50. Considering that the average price of oil barrels is around $ 100, Iran's additional monthly income will be 1,5 billion dollars.
Russia is not given details about what kind of goods and goods to be taken from Iran, while Moscow's trade volume is increasing because of the fact that the deal is expressed as a warm look.
Iran's 420 thousand barrels per day, the most oil-buying Chinese 2013 for sanctions because of the absence of any interruption, while Japan, South Korea and India, such as reduced purchases.


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