Reaction to privatization of ski resorts

Reaction to privatization of ski resorts: In Erzurum, a group of athletes, ski instructors and coaches, including nationalities, reacted to the wage practice initiated after privatization of the facilities at Konaklı Ski Center.

Athletes without using gondola, walking on the runway by taking the ski equipment in their hands, trained here.

Temel Yavuz, the ski coach, said in a statement, the only purpose is to train athletes, the application of wage-striking coup.

Yavuz, who claimed that a national and successful skier was built in front of the wall in Erzurum, continued as follows:

"He has to cut the front of the kids if you want to train successful athletes in Turkey. Here these kids to ski and ski equipment which sole purpose is to achieve success in taking part in the race on behalf of Turkey to walk off the track in his hand. Such an application strikes the sport. Our only goal is to train athletes. We demand assistance from the state elders. Let this problem be solved in some way. None of the children skiing here are rich children. Either we're gonna quit this job or we're gonna go on with it. We have no intention of quitting. If we continue to do so, we will continue to ski and keep our materials on our back. Eğer

Engin Polat, the coaches said that if the wage application continues, the athletes will have the possibility of getting sick because they carry the material on their backs.

Polat, skiers who can not use the gondola climbing the runway said it was regrettable.

National skier Yusuf Ziya Eren stated that he was tired of walking on the runway and said, ıy I have been racing for the national team for years and I am a national athlete but I do not know what to do in the face of such an application. Our only wish is to slip on the track. Why isn't he allowed? I do not understand how an application to be charged for national team athletes, Milli he said.

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