One end of Istanbul with rail systems 90 minutes

📩 25/11/2018 18:07

With rail systems, 90 minutes from one end of Istanbul to one end: VATAN reporters reached the end of Istanbul by rail systems. Our team, who got on the metro from Kartal, reached the Hacıosman metro stop underground without leaving the station after 1 hour and 30 minutes. He received the opinions of the citizens on the way.
Şişhane-Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge-Yenikapı metro, which was designed as one of the lifebloods on the transportation axis of Istanbul after Marmaray, connected the rail systems on both sides of Istanbul. Last held the opening by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday Turkey's first underground passage bridge is now down to 70 minutes from the Eagle-Taksim. The Transition Bridge, which is expected to relieve the transportation of Istanbul to a significant extent, connects Şişhane to Yenikapı over the Golden Horn. This 3,5 kilometer long line also connects Sarıyer-Hacıosman and Yenikapı by metro. The citizen, who takes the metro from Hacıosman, passes through the Golden Horn Bridge and reaches Yenikapı. From here he crosses Marmaray, and from there he can go to Kartal. Thus Taksim-Yenikapı 7,5, Taksim-Kadıköy between 24,5 and Taksim-Kartal are reduced to 70 minutes.

90 minutes between two collar
VATAN tested new rail systems on site, which reduced the journey between the two sides of Istanbul to 70 minutes. Eagle-Kadıköy He made a 90-minute trip using his subway, Marmaray and Yenikapı-Hacıosman Metro. We set off at around 08.00:09.15 am on the first working day of the week. After the bridge traffic, which lasted for about half an hour, Kartal-Kadıköy we arrived at the metro station. We spent 1.95 TL by passing Kadıköy-Our journey in Kartal subway started at 09.20. We dropped off at Ayrılık Fountain, which was the 09.52th stop at 15, and transferred to the Marmaray line by paying 1.40 TL. We got off at the Marmaray Yenikapı stop at 10.12. We made the second transfer to go to Hacıosman by paying 1.25 TL without leaving the Marmaray station. When Yenikapı metro moved, it was showing 10.20 in the morning. About 30 minutes later, we reached the Hacıosman metro stop.

The passengers we talked to during our travels stated that they were satisfied with the metro project everywhere. After Marmaray, Şişhane-Haliç metro crossing bridge shortened the distance between the two sides without traffic, they said they save time.

Most ITU's benefited
Furkan Karayel, a student at Istanbul Technical University: “My home is on the Asian side, my school is in Europe. The biggest advantage is not experiencing traffic problems. Trafik
”My 2 hour trip has landed on 1“
Reputation Ahmedova: e I often go to and from Sariyer. Before the subway opened, I was taking my 2 watch to Sarıyer. 1 by metro.
”Thanks to the Metro, I will make a profit of 80 TL per month“
Gökhan Çakmak: ta My home is in Levent, Beyazit. Now I'm on the Levent subway Vezneciler'de I'm going. I walk very little. Less transmission, less akbil. 80 TL in a month.
”Now I sleep more than 45 minutes“
Duygu Ünver: met I come from Bağcılar to Aksaray by subway, and I reach the Yenikapı subway by 5 minutes. With the new metro, I arrive at my work place in Levent. Before that I was transferring 4 bus. Morning traffic, my 1 and a half passed. Now I'm getting more sleep for 45 minutes. Şimdi
”4 is my 20 TL pocket per day“
Hakan Evlek: X I was doing 3 transfer from Bostancı to Kurtuluş to go to work. He was on his way to 12 for a day trip. Now I come to Yenikapı with Marmaray, I am walking and walking at Osmanbey stop. 5 TL left my pocket profit. Today, on the 4 day, I was earning 20 TL. 1 and a half hour in the traffic, the 55 minutes have fallen.

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