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Ray ray ray ray raaaayyyyyyy: A vision and a goal that was put in 1933 was actually ra dormitory with iron nets Ray

When the current power came to power with the 2000 years, Antalya and Eskişehir had already achieved this modernization, though it had already moved to spread the transportation of the modern age light rail and subway all over the country.

Marmaray, who was described as the project of the century, would connect the two continents. The dream came true karşı Connected deniz There was a thin problem m It didn't work, the passengers went down and walked two continents yürüyerek Our ancestors had carried the ships out of the land, and the crazy Turks marched across the sea from the bottom of the sea. Prime Minister, Marmaray stop the interest lobby and 'Gezi' tied to the intelligent. Those who didn't want the country to go forward had also used the parking brake of Marmaray Mem

When the big day came and fell, the calendar showed October 29 of the official days. Thank goodness to my Lord, this time President Gül's ears were still intact, Prime Minister Erdogan's health was also very good… The 153-year dream came true. The first thought about a railway tunnel that would pass under the Bosphorus was voiced by Sultan Abdülmecid in 1860. When Pargun and Şehzade Mustafa were not yet drowned in the Magnificent Century, we were able to conquer not the heart of Vienna but the world. The ceremony was attended by Somali President Hasan Sheikh Mahmud, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Romanian Prime Minister Viktor Ponta, and Marmaray's fame reached Africa from the Far East. Seeing that all the prime ministers have been gathered, Erdogan was excited as he was enthusiastic. It will happen. ” Even the affected Japanese Prime Minister 'Abe' said the amen to the prayer that they would not have raised hands.


In order to enter into the 'rail' of the works, the prime tradition of a prime minister was not broken in Ankara… The opening of the Batıkent-Sincan metro was made possible by the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. 'Your country is struggling with the crisis, and we are laying a new (ray) every day' message. We are happy to hear about the corruption of his wife, Princess Cristina, daughter of King Juan Carlos of Spain. 17 December 'Erdogan' parallel ' He continued to receive answers iktidar We don't want any power to keep us tir corrupt yanıp.


Either find a way or open a path or get out of the way (Confucius)

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