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Robber brakes to the high-speed train: Theft in the last two years is a waste of time and money for the high-speed train project. The authorities continue their research, taking into account all sorts of possibilities, including sabotage.
After the Ankara-Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train Line, which was completed in 2010, works are continuing in Eskişehir-İstanbul section. In the last two years, however, the thieves stealing the cruise and porter wires, even on the railroad tracks, have caused tangible losses in excess of 11 million liras. Repair of the damage leads to a loss of time and the completion date of the project is delayed.

Al Jazeera has seen the repair works of a damaged line between Türk Pamukova and Eskişehir. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Department of Construction Control Officer Omer Yavuz, High Speed ​​Rail line to the target area of ​​the wire cutting event, said Alifuatpaş to-Mekecik 25 kilometers between the region intensified. Indicating that the security of the gendarmerie and railway related to theft events in cooperation Yavuz, citizens also heard what they saw, called on the security forces to notify events.

Cost of each wire cut 290 thousand TL

The electrical wires laid on the High Speed ​​Rail are stretched in stages. The length of each stage consists of 1250 meters and a single piece of wire. These special wires, which become the favorite of thieves due to the copper in their alloy, have to be one piece throughout each stage. Therefore, even cutting the line from any point causes the 1250 meter wire to be dumped.

Thieves stealing as much of the wire as they cut can leave the rest of the line on the tracks. The authorities say that each stage costs about 145 thousand pounds, the old wire throws instead of the new tension. This means that every level that is cut is costing two cable coins to the state, that is, 290 thousand liras. It's a waste of time and labor costs.

Possibility of sabotage

Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Journalism, said at a press conference on Monday that they were considering the possibility of sabotage on the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train line.
Üyor Kocaeli and Sakarya Governorships continue the necessary investigations. In a few local areas, we have faced the problem of cutting lines, especially drawn by someone. More precisely, it is about cutting the cables late at night. We can sabotage, investigate. This is not an obstacle to our work. We don't have any problems. Herhangi

The last robbery incident took place on the route to test the test train Piri Reis. The consortium member companies responsible for the construction of the TCDD and the High Speed ​​Train line are repairing the damaged roads by increasing the number of working teams.

Authorities, 22 thousand 651meter wire in the last two years in the high-speed train line, 70 thousand meters of the wire in the conventional (old-style) train line, said that similar events are occasionally occurring in the communication and signaling systems, he says.

Danger of death

TCDD Control Officer Ömer Yavuz, who reminds us that tests have started in the completed stages while he is doing railway construction works, says that the lines are given energy from time to time and that this poses a life-threatening threat to all those who enter the railway area surrounded by the firewall:

“We have electricity on our wires. Please do not touch the strings falling on the ground, and report them to those concerned. Because it is an energy-killing energy. There is 27 volts of energy, they should never touch the wires ”

Authorities, 2014 March, allegedly trying to grow the Eskişehir-Gebze High Speed ​​Rail line has not made a final announcement about the end date yet. The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications is awaiting the completion of infrastructure and testing efforts to determine the official opening date.

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