TIR tail in the hood (Photo Gallery)

TIR queue at the Kapikule: 18 kilometers of TIR queues at the Edirne Kapıkule Customs site due to the field expansion work at Bulgaria's Kapitan Andreevo Border Gate.
Trakya Customs and Trade Regional Director Müslüm Yalçın said that he had met with Bulgarian authorities and that the density would return to normal within two days.
Trakya Customs and Regional Trade Manager Müslüm Yalçın, who stated that he has been working on the field expansion works for about 1 year at the Kapitan Andreevo Border Gate in Bulgaria and that is why he has a problem with the TIR queue, said that this situation caused a decrease in the capacity of around 30 percent. Regional Manager Yalçın said that the trucks are queuing due to the decrease in the capacity of the Bulgarian customs:
“We constantly meet with Bulgarian officials. Hopefully it will be back to normal as soon as possible. Currently Hamzabeyli Customs Gate is working above capacity. The queue continues as the demand cannot be met due to construction. In order not to affect the capacity much, works will continue in a very small part of the construction. Hopefully we will not have a tail until a few days. As a result of the negotiations, several more platforms were opened. Enough platforms will be opened to meet the demand. ”
The TIR queue at the Kapıkule Border Gate served the peddlers. Mustafa Karakaya, one of the peddlers who sells car decorations, clothing, bread and breakfast pies to those who are waiting in the queue, said, “As the queue gets longer, our business increases. As the TIR tail, which has been experienced in recent days, has extended for many kilometers, our time will be longer. Here, I sell 5 pounds of pies per serving for 17 liras a day. ”
TIR drivers complained about the fact that the money they spent waiting in the queue was cut from their pockets because of the money they had. 3 days ago to take the burden of hazelnuts loaded from Trabzon 500 to go into the queue and go back to Belgium with the XNUMX euro should go back Haydar Deniz said:
“We make our tail spending from our pockets. Everything is very expensive here. I am not complaining about the street vendors, they also work for bread money, but while we wait here, the money we spend to feed our needs and meet our needs is very expensive for us. ”
Stating that he has been waiting in the queue he has entered to take the electrical materials he has loaded to Paris, Ceylani Türk said, “Since the weather is cold, we have to open the air conditioner to warm it up. When you open the air conditioner, diesel goes. So we have to wait here in the cold. We almost harm us 100 euro every day when we enter the queue. ”
At the Kapıkule border gate, the bread is sold in 3, a serving of 5 and a cup of tea.




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