Valentine's Day Celebration

Different Valentine's Day Celebrations in Palandöken: Two tourist couples coming to Palandöken Ski Center from Iran for HOLIDAY organized an interesting and surprise celebration party among the snow due to Valentine's Day. Iranian youth, who made a big heart in the snow on the terrace of their Polat Renaissance Hotel and decorated their surroundings with flames, entered the heart and danced with their wives.
Amila-Hadi Hüseyinpur and Negin-Kasra Arzhangnia couple stated that they came to Paladöken from the city of Urmia in Iran for the first time this year on the recommendation of their friends and said that they had a second honeymoon. Eczacı Kasra Arzhangnia, who explained that they wanted to surprise their husbands on Valentine's Day, together with his friend Hadi Hüseyinpur, who is an electronic goods dealer, said:

“We wanted to have an interesting celebration. But we didn't know how to do it. We told the hotel authorities, they fulfilled our request in 5 minutes. We went and took our spouses and took them to the terrace. They were surprised by the landscape they saw. We entered into the heart together and a magnificent image was experienced when the friend in charge set the heart on fire. Then we danced in the middle of the burning heart. ”

Negin Arzhangnia said that they will never forget the surprise of the spouses and expressed their feelings as follows:
“We met with such a surprise when we talked with Amile, who is newly married like us and we came from Urmiye for the holiday, on the Valentine's Day, when our spouses are going to buy us. It's a wonderful thing. It was a moment we can not forget in Turkey. We felt like a dream when we entered the heart and the officers set fire around. Our spouses made us very emotional. ”
On the other hand, the couples who celebrated the 'Valentine's Day' inside the burning heart watched with curiosity.


Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:15

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