Palandoken ski resort provides great service

The Palandöken ski resort provides great service: In the Palandöken Ski Center, one of the world's number one ski resorts, local and foreign tourists enjoy a half-year holiday by enjoying skiing and barbecue.

Turkey's longest runway and having the thickness of the snow reaches up to 1 meters with artificial snow clearance Palandöken Ski Center for a four a side again domestic and foreign tourists are akin to the world. Skiers didn't forget to enjoy the barbecue while they were skiing. Up to seventy, half-year holiday opportunity to know the ski lovers, snow thickness is suitable for skiing, Palandoken said they were very satisfied.

Due to the intense interest of skiers in the ski resort, vehicle traffic occurred in Palandöken. Due to heavy traffic and heavy traffic, skiers have had to wait in traffic from time to time.

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