Metro drivers come to new occupational standards

New occupational standards are coming to the subway drivers: According to the Urban Rail Systems Train Driver National Professional Standard, subway drivers will be included in the commission works to be made after the accident and the event, if requested.
According to the "Urban Rail Systems Train Driver National Occupational Standard" prepared by the Vocational Qualifications Authority, urban rail systems will keep the train driver, occupational health and safety vehicles in an appropriate and functional way.
Intra-city rail systems train driver will contribute to the prevention of health and safety risks in line with the trainings he received and will also participate in emergency trainings.
Classify recyclable materials according to their types such as paper, metal, glass. Hazardous and harmful waste, according to the instructions given by the other materials will make temporary storage.
The train driver will ensure that the radio is on, in the appropriate channel and at the audible volume as long as it is on duty. They will take part in the creation of the work team and work distribution in line with the work order. He will also follow his assigned timetable.
Train movements will take place at speed limits
The train driver, who will take part in the work of the commission after the accident and the incident if requested from him, will report the information about the incident by accident and in writing to the related units. Again, if requested, will participate in accident and incident prevention activities.
On the other hand, maneuvers will follow the instructions of the traffic controller and the energy, signal and scissor positions. The train will perform its movements within the given speed limits.
He'll get a cruise permit, informing the traffic controller that the train is ready for expedition. The officer at the intersections will also obey the signs given by the traffic police.
Will take photos of damage
In case of suspicious package, the train will continue to the first platform, will implement the procedures of passenger evacuation. The security guard will be guided to the area where the suspect is located, and the area will be placed in the security circle.
It will also cut off the energy of the line in case of emergency, and will take pictures of the damage of the train and road vehicle. When necessary, first aid intervention will do.
He will follow the new technologies and developments related to his profession.

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